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Guest Edit: Jennifer Barreto Talks About Being a Curvy Women

Posted by on April 21, 2014

Jennifer Barreto Levya Talks About curvy Women

Jennifer Barreto Levya

Editor at Large for Latin America, Skorch Magazine

Director and Editor-in-Chief, Revista “Belleza” XL

On March 15th, I was invited to a televised debate on the top rated weekend show USA for Latinos with fitness model and trainer Vanessa Fernández from the Dominican Republic about why plus-size models are necessary and if a curvy girl could be beautiful.

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Guest Edit: Authentically Emmie Talks About Dresses for Charity

Posted by on April 7, 2014

Step by Step offered dresses to single moms.

Step Into Beautiful

This past weekend, my friend Elizabeth and I went to ”Step Into Beautiful,” an event put on by Step by Step Lexington. Step by Step is an organization where young single mothers ages 14 to 24 find the encouragement they need to accomplish their dreams. It’s a tea and fashion show, along with celebration of some of the moms who graduated from the program and gone on to do incredible things. It’s the organization’s key annual fundraiser.

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Plus-Size Fashion Blog ‘Tutus and Tiny Hats’ Uses Blogging For Fat Activism

Posted by on February 18, 2014

Laura M., 28, lives and works just outside of Boston at a university. Laura thinks that life is more fun with parties, silliness, and cupcakes. She is pretty bouncy when she’s happy and her bubbly personality is evident in her colorful wardrobe. She enjoys hiking, yoga, dancing, exploring nature, and plus-size fashion blogging. Laura is active in fat community building and climate justice activism, and the plus-size fashion blogger uses her blog, “Tutus and Tiny Hats,” for both in addition to posting vibrant and unforgettable Outfits of the Day (OotD).

Laura took the time to talk with IGIGI about fat activism and how to effectively shop as plus-size woman.

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Plus-Size Fashion Blogger Rebecca Panayiotou-Sante Talks Self-Care

Posted by on February 17, 2014

Rebecca Panayiotou-Sante, 24, is a violin teacher and a freelance studio musician living in Oklahoma. When she’s not working, she is at home with her partner and their five pets.  As a plus-size fashion blogger, Rebecca loves clothes and fashion in addition to cooking and crafting. In fact, she has a second blog completely devoted to any and all DIY adventures. “I enjoy suburban domesticity way more than I am comfortable admitting,” says Rebecca.

Rebecca took the time to talk with IGIGI about the importance of self-care and how a perfect outfit can make everything better.

Plus-size fashion blogger Rebecca Panayiotou-Sante

Rebecca says that she fully embraces the title of “diva.”
Credit: Rebecca Panayiotou-Sante

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Plus-Size Blues Vocalist and Model Katana Fatale Talks Accessories and Worldly Fashion

Posted by on February 13, 2014

Katana Fatale lives in Portland, Oregon and is a plus-size fashion blogger, actor, vocalist, model, and soon-to-be licensed skin therapist. The 27-year-old was recently interviewed by Marie Claire Brazil for her outstanding style.

Katana is a blues and funk vocalist and is utterly inspired by music. “Music moves the unmoveable, and I feel transformed by it,” says Katana. Katana describes her style as a cross between an urban Princess Jasmine and a traveling gypsy. She believes that she can be chic and comfortable at the same time. Beauty doesn’t always have to hurt!

Katana took the time to talk with IGIGI about her worldly fashion sense and her love of accessories.

(Credit: Katana Fatale)

Katana considers the sloth to be her spirit animal, and she’s obsessed with gold jewelry
Credit: Katana Fatale

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