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Guest Edit: Wendy Bix Talks About Plus Size Models

Posted by on March 31, 2014

IGIGI Presents the Real Life Plus Size Models of  Weetacon

By Wendy Bix
Plus Size Models
(Source: Dorothy Combs)

Let’s face facts: Not even size two ladies look remotely like the size two models strutting down the runway at New York Fashion Week. Obviously, not every size fourteen woman looks like a plus size model either.

Models basically make their living by being genetically gifted and achieving that golden ratio with their symmetrical features – whether they’re a standard size model or a plus size model. I mean, I’m not symmetrical. My left eye is shaped different than my right one. My left boob is just a little different than the other one. Weirdly enough, I have this bizarre bit of fat on one hip that doesn’t exist on the other (thanks to also sleeping on one side, according to my GP).

Wendy Bix talks about the real plus size models!

Plus Size Blogger, Wendy Bix wearing the Neve Wrap Dress in Abtruse Dot

One of the coolest things that separate IGIGI from other plus size fashion designers is that they not only use actual plus size models to showcase their designs, but they also show everyday women wearing IGIGI garments. IGIGI understands the importance of that aspect of shopping and offers Curve Connection for exactly that purpose. Very few women look like models –whether they’re size 2 or size 22.

And IGIGI takes Curve Connection one step further — Every year, I throw a little shindig called Weetacon. Because I’m evil, I pick one of the coldest months of the year, invite everyone up to Wisconsin and in spite of the weather, we have fun, go on horse-drawn sleigh rides through a snowy forest and act silly, all in the name of good fun – oh, and also raising money to help local Wisconsin charities.

When we decided to get charitable back in 2008, I went to IGIGI and asked if they would help support the cause. Since then, IGIGI has donated thousands of dollars in gift certificates to help raise money for these charities. With IGIGI’s help, Weetacon has raised over $25,000 to help feed the hungry in the Midwest and make the world a better place. Pretty cool, huh?

Not only that but, IGIGI offers the ladies of Weetacon an opportunity to test-drive IGIGI plus size designs at the fundraiser. It’s one thing to see IGIGI designs on plus size models on the IGIGI website, but it’s entirely another to watch your fellow Weetacon attendees transform from average women into super fashionistas. Ladies who might normally have spent the entire frigid weekend bundled under polar fleece and sensible shoes come out rocking amazing plus size cocktail dresses and simply stunning floor-length designer gowns. What’s more, we get to see the entire scope of IGIGI’s entire spring line, as some opt for cocktail dresses while others choose suits and office wear or dresses that can go from daytime to evening, like the Chelsea Plus Size Dress in Fuego.

But you know what the best part is? Seeing the dresses in person on everyday women.
Wendy Bix in the Nencia Cocktail Dress in Flamingo
It’s a little bit like watching a magic act. It’s as though fashion allows us to become the person we always believe we are in our grandest daydreams. Suddenly it’s as though we all travel with our own team of hair stylists, lighting experts and perhaps also the gentle guidance of  Tim Gunn. There’s an inner glow, a confidence, an amazing sense of self that starts shining through.

At Weetacon, IGIGI proves that it’s possible to make the world a better place through fashion – one fashionista at a time. (Check out the #IGIGIWeetacon hashtag for more candid shots).
Oh, I almost forgot the best part! IGIGI is giving away more fashion! All you have to do is go to the IGIGI website and decide which garment you’re lusting over the most right now. Then leave a comment on the Weetacon garment reviews, telling us what you’re drooling over and where you’d show it off. Killer part? Each blog entry will have its own winner, so you can increase your chances of winning by leaving comments on multiple reviews.

Every lady should have the opportunity to play fashion model for a day – or every day.

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