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Solving the Fashion Accessories Riddle

Posted by on May 21, 2014

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When it comes to styling an outfit, some keep to the “less is more” principle while others have the unique ability to create beauty from a chaotic mix of items like a Pollack masterpiece. Whichever way your stylistic inclinations lie, fashion accessories sure do make an outfit. We get asked about accessories all the time, so we have picked 4 of our most asked questions to answer for you!

What should plus-size women pay attention to when picking accessories?

It is important to pay attention to accentuating one’s best assets and to play with different styles to determine what looks the best. For example, belts look great on an hourglass shape while they don’t do much for ovals. A choker style necklace compliments a thinner neck while long necklaces provide a better choice for thicker necks.


Are there any fashion ‘rules’ for women when it comes to accessories?

Fit and fun, for clothing and accessories! The two most important rules are to know your assets and to have fun with fashion. A woman immediately and instinctively knows if something looks good or not when she looks in the mirror. A smile makes it and a frown breaks it. It is all about making the right choices to fit and flatter one’s shape. You may love a certain style, but if it doesn’t highlight your assets, then it doesn’t really do anything for your looks or mood. On the other hand, an item you didn’t think of much on the hanger or in the store may prove wonders for your shape and spirits.


How do you pick the accessories in your collections?

We test out the jewelry on our fit model who is a size 18/20 hourglass and some of our other plus-size staff members. Only items that fit them and are comfortable make the cut. In general, we opt for elasticized or larger bracelets and necklaces with long chains.


What do you think are the best fashion accessories for the season?

Statement jewelry from chunky necklaces like the Natasha Necklace and the Neve Necklace to Art Deco inspired earrings like the Penelope Earrings in Multi are super hot. Electric color pieces like the Sabrina Bracelet in Magenta and gem inspired pieces like the Gabby Necklace in Spearmint and Caitlin Earrings in Lavender are great pieces to inject a pop of color to monochromatic outfits.

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