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Guest Edit: The Sexiest Plus Size Cocktail Dress I’ve ever Worn

Posted by on June 27, 2014

Guest Edit: The Sexiest Plus Size Cocktail Dress I’ve ever Worn

With 10 hotties in her arms, Sarah from Sarah Plus Life struts it in the Ambrosia Plus Size Cocktail Dress in Red.

I’m going to be honest- I know I stand out. Not because I’m amazing or really, really good looking (hey, Zoolander!) but running with physical presence alone, blending isn’t something I do really well. You see, I’m usually the only 5’4 size 3X in a room…  So when I chose to wear a fire truck red, form fitting dress to my first event out as part of the team of Men of the Strip I knew I was feeling bold.  And I kind of liked that idea.

On June 1st, Men of the Strip premiered its reality show on the E! Network to glowing revues. The nation tuned in as this group of sexy guys stripped their way to Las Vegas. For the last two months I’ve had the pleasure of joining this great group for the wild ride by helping them solidify their marketing efforts.  The party we’d be going to would be a major networking “see and be seen” event to celebrate the 11th anniversary of VEGAS Magazine, a hot publication covering the “who’s who” in Sin City.

Guest Edit: The Sexiest Plus Size Cocktail Dress I’ve ever Worn

The big question was what to wear? I knew there was only one dress for me. This would be the first time I was stepping out in public with the Men of the Strip… and I wanted to make a statement. I wanted to look strong and sexy. A dress that screamed “take this woman seriously, she knows what she’s doing!” When I slipped this bad girl on, I felt everything I wanted to.

When you walk into a room full of people surrounded by ten exceptionally good-looking guys, people are going to stare. Eyes are on you, and you can either step up and own your place or shrink. For me? I stepped up.  You want to look? Go ahead! I feel great about myself. Every curve, every bump, every short inch of me.

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