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Dressing Like an Alien Princess with Plus-Size Fashion Blogger Ingrid R. Taller

Posted by on December 31, 2013

Ingrid R. Taller, 22, is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Bitchtopia, the collaborative online blog aimed at better defining feminism in an all-inclusive forum.  According to Bitchtopia’s mission statement, the blog wants to help educate the populace about the real message of feminism. “There is this (wrongful) connotation with that feminists are dirty, angry, privileged, white girls,” Bitchtopia’s ‘About’ page reads. “This might make up a part of our population, but feminism is also humanistic. It helps support all genders, bodies, sexuality, and the human ability to choose and exert their willpower.”

Ingrid is currently living in the New Jersey and New York City area, although she’s hoping to move to the Windy City soon. She’s a recent college grad from UAlbany, a licensed cosmetologist, and at the moment, she’s busy searching for a new long-term career to sink her teeth into. In her spare time, Ingrid is also a fabulous plus-size fashion blogger who defies beauty standards and pushes the envelope with her kooky, unusual, and incredibly inspiring ensembles.

Ingrid took the time to talk with IGIGI about her unique look, her feelings on shapewear, and her favorite IGIGI pieces.

Ingrid describes her fashion as somewhere in between "imaginary ghoulfriend" and "alien princess." Credit: Ingrid R. Taller

Ingrid describes her fashion as somewhere in between “imaginary ghoulfriend” and “alien princess.”
Credit: Ingrid R. Taller

Jane: So how exactly would you describe yourself for our readers?

Ingrid: I’m pretty sure I’m an app created for cyberspace. My life is a performance piece, and I take risks for the sake of it. I’m exactly how my OKCupid profile says I am.

Jane: What first inspired you to start cataloguing your looks online?

Ingrid: Something about Myspace making me realize you could be famous on the internet, just by looking cool.

Jane: Who are your biggest fashion inspirations?

Ingrid: Nicole aka NAR who runs the blog “The Hefty Hideaway,” Gypsy 83, Lumpy Space Princess, and Tracy Turnblad are  a few of my favorites.

Ingrid describes herself as "plus-size" and "punk-size." Credit: Ingrid R. Taller

Ingrid describes herself as “plus-size” and “punk-size.”
Credit: Ingrid R. Taller

Jane: What advice would you give to women who are struggling to find clothes that inspire them?

Ingrid: The “fatshion” tag on Tumblr is purrrfect because it’s not just bloggers with nice cameras. It’s selfies from around the globe showing off their newly bought items and how it looks on their body.

Jane: Where do you buy the majority of your clothes? Do you shop in brick-and-mortar stores or do you tend to buy exclusively online, like a lot of plus-size shoppers?

Ingrid: Actually, I no longer choose to shop in real-life stores. I shop online because it’s easier to find my size, my style, and not have anyone tell me to buy shapewear. There is nothing wrong with shapewear. I own some. But, I shouldn’t buy clothes that only fit when wearing shapewear.

Ingrid has several character bags to add that extra special touch to her ensembles, but her tiny bat bag is her absolute favorite.  Credit: Ingrid R. Taller

Ingrid has several character bags to add that extra special touch to her ensembles, but her tiny bat bag is her absolute favorite.
Credit: Ingrid R. Taller

Jane: Describe a specific experience in which you wore an amazing outfit/dress that made you proud of your body.

Ingrid: I had to sing in front of 400 or so people. I went out and bought a 50s inspired floral dress and I’ve never felt sexier than having *just* the right amount of cleavage while singing a sad song.

If you want to dress like Ingrid, she recommends checking out the IGIGI Monroe Plus Size Skirt in black or in navy, because you can never go wrong with a hip hugging skirt. Ingrid would accessorize it with a printed, tucked-in shirt – probably something with eyeballs or hearts on it – and a slick leather jacket.

In the future, Ingrid hopes to continue performing and writing. She loves writing pieces that help open the eyes of others about fat acceptance and body positivity. To keep up with Ingrid, you can check in with her on her blog “Lilgrrrlcreep” and leave comments for her below.

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