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Plus-Size Blogger: The Style Supreme

Posted by on May 9, 2014

Plus-Size Blogger The Style Supreme

Leslie is a plus-size blogger and personal stylist based in Louisville, KY. You can check out her style on her blog  The Style Supreme and on her YouTube channel

Q: How did The Style Supreme come about?

A: Fashion has always been my creative outlet for self-expression. Styling outfits makes me so unbelievably happy. I loved watching outfit of the day videos on YouTube, but there were only a couple of plus-size fashion videos at the time. It’s been nearly four years since I decided to film my first video and upload it to YouTube. I thought it would be great to step out of my comfort zone and film my own fashion journey. I didn’t know anyone on YouTube at the time, so I wasn’t sure if anyone else would ever see my videos, but I soon started making friends and found this entire community of amazing people. I started the blog as a companion to my YouTube channel, so it’s the same concept- my personal fashion diary.


Q: How do you see the plus-size fashion landscape?

A: The plus-size world has changed so much in my lifetime. Growing up, the choices were so limited and I could only dream of wearing the things that I saw my favorite actresses and models. I felt relieved to just find a piece of clothing in my size, and it was so frustrating. It was like being fashionable was not an option unless I made my clothing myself. Now, I feel like there are so many more choices. It’s so nice to actually have so many more options and styles to choose from. Hopefully, it will continue to grow even more because I definitely think the need for it is there. I am incredibly thankful to the designers and retailers who are already doing such amazing things for plus size fashion.


Q: What are some typical questions you get from your readership?

A: Many of the questions are related to shopping and wanting to know where to find fashionable plus size clothing. I also get a lot of questions about styling specific outfits from people who may have a special event coming up and want to find the perfect look.


Q: What are three fashion must haves?

A: Little black dress, ballet flats, denim jacket


Q: What are three fashion fashion faux pas?


  1.  Stepping outside and realizing a fabric is not as opaque as I thought it was going to be.
  2. Choosing the wrong colored undergarments
  3. Wearing something in the wrong size and having to tug and pull at it the whole time wearing it.

Q: What are three items you love from IGIGI collections?

A: The Bermuda dress is so gorgeous with those bright, fun colors. I love maxi dresses in the summer, so I am definitely loving the Tiana dress. I wear a lot of black and white, so the Grenada tunic would fit perfectly in my wardrobe mixed with some colorful accessories.


Q: If you could spend an entire day with a designer, whom would you choose?

A: I would really love to meet Jack and Lazaro from Proenza Schouler.


Q:  What style advice do you have for plus-size ladies?

A: Be yourself and wear what makes you happy. Fashion is such an amazing and fun form of self-expression. I never want to look back and think that I didn’t wear something because I was afraid of what someone might think or say about it. I want to look back and think of all of the fabulous things I wore and how much I loved wearing every single thing!

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