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Plus-Size Blues Vocalist and Model Katana Fatale Talks Accessories and Worldly Fashion

Posted by on February 13, 2014

Katana Fatale lives in Portland, Oregon and is a plus-size fashion blogger, actor, vocalist, model, and soon-to-be licensed skin therapist. The 27-year-old was recently interviewed by Marie Claire Brazil for her outstanding style.

Katana is a blues and funk vocalist and is utterly inspired by music. “Music moves the unmoveable, and I feel transformed by it,” says Katana. Katana describes her style as a cross between an urban Princess Jasmine and a traveling gypsy. She believes that she can be chic and comfortable at the same time. Beauty doesn’t always have to hurt!

Katana took the time to talk with IGIGI about her worldly fashion sense and her love of accessories.

(Credit: Katana Fatale)

Katana considers the sloth to be her spirit animal, and she’s obsessed with gold jewelry
Credit: Katana Fatale

JaneWhen did you first discover your *cough* “passion for fashion?”

Katana: I grew up very interested in different cultures. I became inspired by women’s fashion on a global level, and it’s stuck with me ever since. Many of my clothes and jewelry are imported.

Jane: Can you list two of your biggest fashion inspiration? 

Katana: When it comes to accessories- the great Mata Hari is my absolute inspiration, and when it comes to clothing apparel- my mother, who wore Chanel business suits to work every day while I was growing up.

(Credit: Katana Fatale).

Katana is an accessories queen, so a black, curve-hugging dress allows her a chic, but neutral and timeless base to personalize and dress up with her eclectic accessories
Credit: Katana Fatale

Jane: What advice would you give to other plus-size women who are struggling to find cute clothes in their size?  

Katana: Well, when I was a teenager, all I had was Torrid, it seems. If you didn’t identify with the Torrid styles, you were in for a hard time. Now, we have the power of the interwebs! There are many plus-size fashion lines online, like IGIGI, that cater to different styles for women. You’re no longer limited! I still think we have a long way to go for women’s plus-size fashion, but it is growing and expanding at a rapid pace. Also, it’s important to explore the boutiques and shops around your city. In Portland, for example, we have two great plus-size boutiques in particular that offer so much variety! They are trade and sell stores, but of the highest quality. I find most of my needs are met in stores like this because I prefer clothes that tell a story, and set a mood.

Katana finds a lot of her unique wardrobe pieces by thrifting (Katana Fatale).

Katana finds a lot of her unique wardrobe pieces by thrifting.
Credit: Katana Fatale

Jane: Have you ever felt discriminated against while shopping?

Katana: I have never felt discriminated against in a store. Thankfully! I know it exists out there. I will not subject myself to others’ ignorance. I’d take my money elsewhere, and then likely exploit their ignorance on my fashion blog, which would not serve them well, I think.

Gold accessories

Katana loves to wear a lot of gold accessories.
Credit: Katana Fatale

If you want to dress like Katana, she suggests trying out the IGIGI Garbo Plus-Size Gown. This is a timeless, sexy black dress that can be transformed again and again with just the right accessories. The off-the-shoulder cut with the deep slit allows a woman to express her sensual side, tastefully. Katana would accessorize it with the IGIGI Botanical Bloom Cuff in Gold, the IGIGI Modern Turquoise Ring, and the IGIGI Naomi Earrings. She would complete the look with the IGIGI Zoe Clutch, for a globe-trotting Femme Fatale look that is to die for.

In the future, Katana hopes to expand into a brand so that she can endorse other fashion lines, jewelry lines, and makeup lines. She loves reviewing fashion lines, discovering and creating new trends, and modeling. Katana wants to be at the forefront of the plus-size/body positive fashion movement, so it is really important to Katana to continue encouraging women to celebrate the only temple they have – their bodies. “I want to make changes through love, not hate or unhealthy thoughts,” says Katana. “These are my priorities.”

To keep up with Katana check out her blog, follow her on Instagram, and comment below!

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