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Plus-Size Fashion Blog ‘Tutus and Tiny Hats’ Uses Blogging For Fat Activism

Posted by on February 18, 2014

Laura M., 28, lives and works just outside of Boston at a university. Laura thinks that life is more fun with parties, silliness, and cupcakes. She is pretty bouncy when she’s happy and her bubbly personality is evident in her colorful wardrobe. She enjoys hiking, yoga, dancing, exploring nature, and plus-size fashion blogging. Laura is active in fat community building and climate justice activism, and the plus-size fashion blogger uses her blog, “Tutus and Tiny Hats,” for both in addition to posting vibrant and unforgettable Outfits of the Day (OotD).

Laura took the time to talk with IGIGI about fat activism and how to effectively shop as plus-size woman.

Jane: Can you tell me a little about your “fashion origin story?” 

Laura: I’ve enjoyed fashion in one way or another ever since I was a kid–as dorky as it sounds, I used to love flipping through LL Bean catalogs and looking at all the colors the clothes came in. In high school, I did a lot of experimenting, and I loved it: fishnets, dog collars, raver bracelets to my elbows, safety pins down the sides of my skirts, combat boots, baby barrettes, tiaras…As I got older, my style became more practical and comfortable, but I never stopped enjoying the process of putting outfits together. It’s an everyday art form for me, a way to express myself creatively. I also see it as a form of radical fat visibility.

JaneWhat’s the best advice you could give to a plus-size woman who wants to up their fashion game?

Laura: Read fatshion blogs (as a starting place, I have a list of blogs I like here). Browse the fatshion tag on Tumblr. When you see things you like, look at where the blogger got it. If the first few blogs you find don’t do it for you, keep looking–there are a lot of fatshionistas with different taste out there.

Jane: Who are your personal fashion icons? 

Laura: Amber Riley, Beth Ditto, Tess Munster, Betsey Johnson (although I wish she made clothing in my size, sigh), Effie Trinket, and the zillions of other fatshion bloggers I follow. A few of my favorite blogs are: Fashion Hayley, His Black Dress, The Curvy and Curly Closet, Musings of a Curvy Lady, From the Rez to the City, Buttercup’s Frocks, and Work It, Own It, Use It!

JaneDo you have any other advice for plus-size women who don’t necessarily want to buy all of their clothes online, but  struggle to find clothes in physical stores? 

Laura: Go to clothing swaps and thrifting events (like the Big Thrifty in Boston and the Big Fat Flea in New York) if your area has them. If not, consider hosting your own swap. Swaps are a great way to try on lots of things you might never have picked up in a store or online.

JaneIs there any standout piece in your wardrobe that makes you feel amazing every time you slip it on? 

Laura: I have a gorgeous watercolor floral dress. I wore it for both Thanksgiving and New Year’s. It fits perfectly, like it’s made for me, and I feel so glamorous in it! I also like that it shows off my calves, which are one of my favorite body parts–they’re so strong and muscular.


Laura says that she shops almost exclusively online since so few stores in the Boston area carry her sizes. Laura says that it is really frustrating, especially when she’s looking for something specific and would like to be able to try on options (Credit: Tutus and Tiny Hats).

If you want to dress like Laura she suggests picking up the IGIGI Chelsea Plus-Size Dress in Fuego for a bright pop of color. Laura says that she would accessorize it with a chunky pearl necklace, a pink fascinator, and white platform Mary Janes.

In the future, Laura plans to continue blogging, spending time with her friends, and being active in both fat activism and climate activism. She is also hoping to travel this summer, and possibly spend a week or two volunteering on an organic farm. To keep up with Laura, you can check out her blog “Tutus and Tiny Hats”, follow her on Twitter and Tumblr, like her on Facebook, and comment below.

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