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Catching Up with Stylist and Plus-size Model Audrey Lea Curry

Posted by on September 11, 2013

Hollywood in general, has a reputation for being less than supportive of plus-size fashion and by extension plus-size women. However, in the last several years, body-positive celebrities like Tim Gunn, Kelly Osborne and more have made big strides in plus-size fashion and more importantly size acceptance in the media. Stars like Emmy winner Melissa McCarthy and Christina Hendricks have also spoken publicly about creating plus-size clothing and swimsuit lines to help fashion forward plus-size women. With the fashion industry exploring their options, it makes sense that other outlets like television and film are exploring this new cultural preoccupation.

There are many reality television shows marketed to plus-size and weight conscious viewers. Several of these shows include Biggest Loser, More to Love and Dance Your Ass Off and relatively few that give plus-size bodies a positive spin. Currently, We TV’s series House of Curves is chronicling the life and struggles of Atlanta-based Kenyatta Jones as a plus-size designer.

One of the first fat-positive, fashion-centric shows was the miniseries Big Sexy on TLC that aired on August 30, 2011. It was the first reality show that attempted to show the many connections between the fashion industry and plus-size women.  The series consisted of only a three-episode arc, yet it still gained a devoted following averaging 1.13 million viewers an episode.  The premise of the show was to chronicle the struggles of five plus-size women living in New York trying to succeed in the thin-centric fashion industry. Leslie, Tiffany, Nikki, Heather and Audrey, the women of Big Sexy, allowed viewers to see a snapshot into their lives and give some insight into the struggles that they face. These five women want to embrace their curves, redefine sexy, enhance their careers and find love.

Audrey Lea Curry, 26, one of the former stars of Big Sexy, is still heavily invested in the fashion and beauty industry. She works as a makeup artist and body painter while modeling on the side in New York City, but it’s her dream to have her own plus-size clothing line. She is also a beauty ambassador for Nigel Barker’s “Beauty Equation” website.

Some of Audrey Lea Curry’s favorite designers are Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and The Blonds. Credit: Velvet D’Amour

I caught up with Audrey (via Facebook) to ask her about some of her style inspirations and her opinions on the growth in the plus-size fashion industry since her show aired.

Audrey Lea Curry says that her biggest beauty inspirations are Cindy Crawford, Angelina Jolie and model Tara Lynn. Credit: Velvet D’Amour

Jane: How would you describe the plus-size fashion community? Do you feel that it is inclusive of the everyday woman?

Audrey: I feel as far as women of the community there is not much selection, especially for all style types. I dress in mostly a vintage, Goth style but I wish I had more options to fully develop my style further. Also the price points for most people for the clothing that is available is very high for most of America.  As far as being welcome in the community, however, I do feel super accepted.

Jane: Do you feel satisfied overall with the options available to plus-size women?

Audrey: Absolutely not. That is why I want to have a plus size clothing line affordable to more people and with more options.

Jane: The word “fat,” is incredibly controversial in the body acceptance movement. What are your feelings?

Audrey: I believe women…should just embrace the word and not let it harm them. If they are happy with who they are and how they look the word fat is just a word and we should ignore ignorant people.

Jane: Any advice for women, who are struggling to find clothing that fits, flatters and makes them feel confident?

Audrey: First they should find the shapes and silhouettes that flatter their shape, then start looking online or in vintage stores to find those shapes or create the shapes with the clothing you can find until there are more options readily available. Don’t just settle for what you find at Walmart, Forever 21 or Target even though some of those places can have good staple items. You should adventure out to get your main pieces.  Be who you are with confidence and it will show through yourself and people will just see you as beautiful.

A big thank you to the beautiful Audrey Lea Curry for taking the time to talk with us about her life and style. To keep up with Audrey check out her Facebook and Twitter for updates and remember to comment!

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