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“Made in USA” is Here to Stay

Posted by on June 11, 2015

Made in USA

Who wants to feed into a better cycle? The movement always starts with you. We all know industry change can only be made from the ground up. Just as there’s been a movement with the slow food movement where kitchens in restaurants become open and transparent, there is also a lot of political effort in the US to manufacture stateside.
Let’s get onto the same side of the conversation and learn why you should support locally manufactured clothing companies such as IGIGI, made in the USA and in San Francisco, specifically. As we wear clothing every day, we should take a step further and put more thought into the source of our clothing.

1. Fair trade delivers money back to the people who produce your clothing. IGIGI is proud to be a part of domestic manufacturing.
2. Fair trade environmental standards also protect the environment since there is a regulation of meeting specific requirements.
3. Sustainability and ethics are a priority for companies that manufacture locally. If you support locally based companies, you can contribute to the notion that you can still make business from pulling resources within your own country!

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4 reasons to love igigi
4 reasons to love igigi
  • Made in San Francisco, CA
  • Designed Specifically for Plus Size
  • Perfect Fit
  • Best Dresses in the Industry
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