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Put Yourself First With Plus-Size Workouts

Posted by on November 5, 2013

One of the most frustrating aspects of being a plus-size woman is the unwarranted “advice” that well-intentioned friends and family members choose to grace you with. So often, people assume that if you are plus-size, you are unhealthy or that you desire to lose weight. For some reason, the idea that a woman is comfortable and confident with her body is such a foreign concept that people are genuinely confused when they hear that she is not looking to change it. Now, I know many plus-size women who are very active and take part in many different forms of athleticism. I also know many women who are not and both are fine and legitimate choices. I’m not here to tell you to work out. I do believe that there are benefits from working out, but it is a personal choice and one that no one should feel the need to make for you.


Don’t ever let your body-type stop you from pursuing something that you’re interested in, whether that’s starting a yoga class, slipping into a bikini ,or flirting with a stranger. Credit: penapple-me

Personally, I am not a huge fan of working out, but I do appreciate the benefits: I like feeling strong, I like the pleasant soreness that comes from a good workout, and I find that I sleep better if I’ve sweated a little bit during the day. Now, I am by no means an exercise guru, but I am lucky enough that I have found a workout routine that appeals to me and is easy to keep up with.

I don’t believe in spending lots of money on a fancy gym membership, so I am a very loyal YMCA member and I genuinely like the elliptical, so my workout usually comprises of 30-40 minutes on the elliptical (at an incline, because I’m trying to maximize my time here!) and then another 30-40 minutes of Yoga. I’m really not a fan of weight-lifting and I feel like Yoga is a great compromise. I’ve also tried Barre Classes (which are amazing!), Zumba (which my lack of rhythm made awful), and Spinning (which I enjoyed, but wasn’t really my style). It’s a simple workout routine and it’s easy for me to keep up with.

I workout between four to five days a week and if I don’t happen to make it to the gym, I don’t let it bother me. Working out everyday will never be a priority for me in my life. I will always put my job, my family, my friends, and my true passions first. And that is OK.

Cute workout clothes.

There are always really cute workout clothes available, too, so don’t let that be a deterrent! Credit: Gabi Gregg

I understand that some plus-size women are intimidated by going to the gym, because they’ll fear that they’ll be judged on their body types and yeah, that could happen. I can personally say that I’ve been a victim of snide remarks at the gym (and this was at the YMCA, not the notoriously snobby Lifetime Fitness). However, in the many years that I’ve been going to gym, I can honestly say that I can count my bad experiences on one hand. Don’t let the ignorance of others stop you from living your life. If you’re not feeling supported in your gym, find a new one. You deserve the best and you should never settle.

There are even cute workout clothes available for plus-sizes. Now, I would much rather wear my gross college sweats and an oversized tee to the gym, but blogger Gabi Gregg recently posted about the plus-size workout brand Female for Life, which is a wonderful alternative to the obnoxiously overpriced and fat-phobic Lululemon. Kohls, Nike, Old Navy and many other brands also have super cute plus-size workout clothes.

Workout video

Plus-size blogger Dani Mezza made a great workout video which can be viewed on her blog. Credit: Dani Mezza

Now, whether you choose to workout or decide to pursue another interest, never let the thoughts of others prevent you from doing something that you want to do. Everyone at the gym is there for the same reason – to burn some calories and sweat a little. There is no stigma to it and anyone at any size can enjoy a fun, healthy workout. Put yourself first, and don’t worry about placating others with your decision.

For some workout inspiration, I recommend checking out Plus Size Princess Fitness or PSPFit for short workout videos that are specifically targeted for plus-size women.

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