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Valentine’s Day Ideas and A Chance to Win Our Sweepstakes

Posted by on January 28, 2015


Valentine’s Day can be a bit polarizing. The bell curve begins with people’s variegated approaches to love and despite the many lovers who feel that the holiday and its requisite flowers and chocolates can sufficiently sum up their feelings of ardor, there is still an equalizing force (even those in relationships) who aren’t fans. I know their argument and I get it: the commoditization of love counters what love is putatively meant to be. But this way of thinking can be applied to almost any other commercial holiday, so let’s not forget that it’s nearly unavoidable unless you’re off the grid.

I’m perpetually single and don’t mind being single so I don’t idly fantasize about Valentine’s Day. I think I would become some mopey mess if that were the case. I do think the holiday is cute–or can be (minus the gushy excess). It’s just a tad overkill. Any way, I treat Valentine’s Day as a way to focus on the ones I love without resorting to the use of a heart… unless it’s “less than 3″ for emoticons. <3

My only disappointment with Valentine’s Day is that it can be conventional. Sure, it’s nice to have a candlelit dinner date with your partner and receive a bouquet of flowers, but can people–lovers–please get more creative? Why so many roses but not orchids or cacti? Romance is so beautiful if you’re with the right one, so why not experiment with the holiday? I hope my fantasy significant other would say yes.
Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas. Hey, they’re just ideas:
1.  sutro_baths2_lrg
Venture with your lover or friend to somewhere remote, away from the busy thoroughfare. I love anything with ruins, harkening to the passage of time and space.
2. cooking-school

Bake or cook together instead of being served at a fancy restaurant.  Meals are sacred, so why not make them together?

3. photo
Catch a great show! There is nothing more exalting than music and watching a band live with a kindred soul.
4. 9183743dec69dc1354de37c1bf9d8382
The communal display of love softens the anxious self-regard all too common in romance. I would just grab some drinks with friends and boyfriend altogether and go to a park for a group picnic.
By the way, here’s IGIGI’s Valentine’s gift to you since we wouldn’t be here without you. Show yourself some love and enter to win our sweepstakes! We’re picking not just 1 but 5 winners this time! A $150 gift certificate is quite the charm.
–Jane Yu, staff at IGIGI

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Green Spring – Spring 2015 picks from IGIGI

Posted by on January 24, 2015

Fashion forecasting is actually a thing, not a scam.

Let me explain.

The root of my prior theory was that there really wasn’t a way to know what can become fashionable next, just like horoscopes can’t guarantee success or worse, demise, in someone’s forking path. Life is so mysterious as it is that I thought of fashion forecasting as a trendy concept, like mercury retrograde or tarot cards. I then ended up taking a Fashion Careers class and found out that there are people out there enlisted to scrutinize fashion trends and sophisticatedly edit them into a discerning conclusion. They actually make a really good living from it, too–disposable income and all. Life appeared even more bizarre but I reconsidered what I’d flippantly assumed, that for others perhaps more gifted they can pull the general from the dizzying sea of specifics.

I mean, there are movies about the future… so it makes sense that there are predictions about what people will be wearing in the very near future, even if it’s fast-forwarding into next season. I also swallowed the sobering pill that the outfits I thought I singularly put together are really just a gust of wind in a huge, cosmic tidal fashion wave. The idea of fashion forecasting remains a bit “mystical” to me, for lack of a better word, but I do recognize that it’s a real career for those with psychic fashion sense and elaborate data-collecting techniques to back that up. I kid. Really-it’s worth a second glance and absolutely critical for fashion businesses.

Here’s my question: Is there any universally better hue than green (with a hint of blue)? There’s something so healing about green that when it becomes ambiguous and merges into a bit of blue, it’s earthy and sea-like at once. No wonder that green evokes so many emotions with its various saturation. There was one year where I was quite specific when anyone asked me what my favorite color was: seafoam green. Then I discovered Pantone and realized that I’d only touched the tip of the iceberg.

I checked out IGIGI’s moodboard and noticed that the greens are still “in” with us as well. Look at this charming, fresh piece called The Carrie Top:


Our Carrie Top glows with an empire waist and a sheer drape cover-up. I enjoy sheer fabric since they make me feel like a goddess. Empire waists are flattering for almost anyone because they emphasize your bust (tastefully) and attention drifts to the other usually nice details about the fabric from its cinching. I would wear drape-y necklaces to add to the drape and casual swing this garment encourages. Perfect for work or going out with friends! Another jewel from our new collection is our Marilyn Bombay Teal Top.


It has a cross-over bodice that once again enhances your busts and twists elegantly in center front. I approve of anything with a fun twist. Since the flare of this hem goes a little past the natural waist, I would suggest wearing a shorter skirt to bring out the gathers or fitted, long pants. I can’t imagine anyone not looking good in this shade. With a starlet type of bright (orange-red) shoes, you’ll really pop!

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The Quest for the Perfect Cocktail Dress

Posted by on January 22, 2015

If you know about capsule wardrobes, you’ll know that a cocktail dress fits into this minimalist metric of having only a few, essential items that will not go out of style. I mean, let’s not kid ourselves: a cocktail dress is as necessary for your wardrobe as a scrunchy is for your hair (if it’s tie-able). That doesn’t mean the first cocktail dress I got was right for me, though. We’re lucky to live in an era where we really can choose what goes into our closets–thanks Internet–but there’s a point where it becomes all too much. I even wore a mediocre cocktail dress that was too long and didn’t have the right contours just because my cousin gave it to me (she didn’t want it herself) and it spared me another round of wiling away the hours in front of a computer or dressing room. Still, I can say that finding the right cocktail dress for you and wearing it well correspondingly shows that you know your body and that you didn’t settle for something less. Or you were lucky. But we can get lucky if we make smart votes (cue: Daft Punk’s hit–I still can’t get enough of that song, yes). Your fashion is your vote.

I would say put off on buying a cocktail dress that you find just “decent” until you really get a home run. You deserve it. Right now I’m blessed to have a few cocktail dresses in my closet (all happen to be be black–I still want a red cocktail dress) that I love but it took me some time to find them. Some are long-sleeved and elegant with a nice drape and hand whereas one is more form-fitting with a lace yoke delicately adorning my neckline. Whenever I wear one and put on my black heels I by reflex imagine myself in the penumbra of a Wong Kar Wai movie with its hazy palette, dim lighting, and the promise of romance. The cocktail parties I’ve attended haven’t necessarily turned out like this; I ask to get dropped off right at the entrance because my feet already hurt and my peripheral vision is obscured as I look immediately for the food or better yet, caterers, circulating around the room with cheese and canapes. I observe the ambiance a little after, from the filter of laughs around me and clinking glasses. But there’s still the end of the night that awaits and I wish for a midnight stroll along some moody street lamps with a spectacular view comparable to that of the Seine. Ha!

Well, lucky for some of you, IGIGI’s new Rachelle Dress in Metallic Lace might just be divine intervention! Just look at this dress. It’s vintage glamour with the right amount of metallic lace overlay over a sweetheart neckline. Even if you don’t return the glance, this dress will still do a lot of the talking.
For a distinctly lacy dress like this one, it has built-in jewelry so it gets the job done with minimal fuss. Remember, less is more. You don’t need to embellish it too much. I would recommend any type of black heels with a necklace that accentuates the glimmer. Or wear crystal earrings but don’t wear both a necklace and earrings because that’s like too much perfume. You can wear your hair up but I think this dress is coquettish enough that you can let your hair down in waves. Lacquer your nails to a hard set shine so when you pick up that champagne glass, it’s a long, dazzling pour. Wear some silver bracelets and don’t forget that little but very important detail–the lipstick. Go with a poppy-orange color or a geranium-red. See how specific I am?
Now… where do I find my perfect red cocktail dress?
Jane Yu, staff at IGIGI

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Holiday Inspired Party Hairstyles | IGIGI.com

Posted by on January 19, 2015

holiday hair trends

You’ve got your IGIGI dress (or fabulous pants), jewels and shoes all in place for your upcoming holiday soirees.  Now all you need is a soigné hairstyle to set off the look. Lacking inspiration? Look no further, the red carpet is full of inspiration these days (no surprise there).  In the spirit of the holiday season, we rounded up our top 10 eye-catching, effortless top hairstyle trends to last through those RSVP-laden days of Christmas and beyond.

Cheers to the beginning of a promising  jovial season and fabulous hairstyles to match! Check out our top 10 hairstyle trends below!

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Simple, Healthy Post-Holiday Recipes

Posted by on January 19, 2015

Sure, you are what you eat but the holidays don’t count since everyone is pressured to indulge, right? At least that’s what I say to myself as I unabashedly shove more chocolate into my mouth. But oh, boy–sugar crash, we’ve all been there and now we want to get on with our New Year’s resolutions and fight the sluggishness. A brand spanking new year and so much to do!

Yet, it’s still winter and the sun isn’t relenting (well, in San Francisco, especially, where we at IGIGI are wrapped in fog all year long) so it still encourages hibernation and more… eats. Why not? There are plenty of leftover ingredients to cook for yourself or for your friends who you just can’t get enough of.

I love to find alternative ways to keep myself warm other than turning on the heater (which doesn’t distribute evenly in my house); one dual use of the oven is that it’ll keep those vegetables roasting while softening the cold! Even running my fingers under warm water does the trick as I keep my hands clean while flitting about in the kitchen. I really enjoy the process of tampering with ingredients to see them come alive into something delectable.

But I want to be gentle on myself from all that holiday madness and gather some quick, easy, healthy recipes that are quick to whip up and packed with nutritious ingredients. Below are some of mine:

1. Good Morning Green Smoothie


Okay, so this isn’t necessarily a meal, but I LOVE this smoothie. My Vitamix has been one of the best investments of my life but I’m sure any good mixer will work just fine as long as you have most of these ingredients. It’s so easy to make and goes down so easy. All my friends I’ve made this for feel clean and better about themselves, after, too.

2. Homemade Chicken Salad


Only TWO steps! I haven’t tried this recipe yet but I’ve made something similar in the past and it was on point. I also think celery adds the right amount of satisfactory texture when you throw it into a salad. Turn it into sandwich filling by layering it with some wheat bread in between. Yummy.

3. Creamy Roasted Garlic Potato Soup with Crispy Brussels Chili Oil


This one isn’t as much of an instant-fix like the others but it’s also not hard to make–it just involves a few more steps. I really can’t resist soup during winter–it just calls for me and I take the bait. The velvety blend of garlic and potatoes topped with crispy brussel sprouts makes this a winner.

Let me know in the comments section what recipes you’ve tried or are about to! I love reading recipes.

–Jane Yu, staff at IGIGI

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