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Wardrobe Refresh for Spring!

Posted by on March 18, 2015

Steffany Allen, Fashion Stylist

Wardrobe Refresh for Spring!

Wearing floral prints in the spring is nothing new, but it’s a fantastic way to add a few bright colors to your wardrobe for an updated look. Okay, so I admit that I wear black pretty much all the time, so I am taking my own advice and adding a little splash of color for spring with the beautiful Louise Jacket in Tahitian Nights.


In the past, the thought of wearing floral prints was like wearing your grandmother’s tablecloth or curtains. In some cases that may still be true, but today’s great designers use modern floral prints – plus good styling really helps. I always like to add some edge to my looks, so I paired this amazing jacket with a black tank shirt, distressed denim, gold jewelry and a pair of flats.

Another way to update your look for spring is to add bold prints! I love the Loretta Skirt in Black and White Polka Dot! I had to get back to my black, so I paired the skirt with a simple black tee, my cropped leather jacket, and a pop of color with my cobalt blue ballet flats. I kept my accessories simple so the focus would be on the skirt. This skirt is so flirty and fun and the below- the- knee length is perfectly on trend. And I love that it has pockets!! (BONUS!!)


A note when choosing a print:

Take notice of your facial features and the size of the print. If you have smaller features, lean towards smaller prints. And if you have larger features, try larger prints. Don’t be afraid to try something new! Ultimately, it’s all about personal taste and what feels and looks good to you.

Happy Spring!


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Blogger Spotlight and Interview: The Grid Print

Posted by on March 13, 2015

She rocks our worlds with her cool and chic styling and her meaningful niche of inspiring women through fashion and faith. Kiah recently reviewed our very popular Adelle Dress in Cobalt Beatnik and was also fabulous enough to grant us an interview.

From The Rez to the City

1. How did From the Rez to the City come about?

I love fashion and decided to share my style and fashion finds to inspire other plus size women.

2. What does “Inspiring Women through Fashion and Faith” mean for you?

My goal is to prove that no matter your shape/size/weight, any woman can be stylish. I believe the key to great style is finding inspiration, being creative and displaying confidence. I also aim to emphasize that inward beauty is most important and my faith helps me with that.

3. How has that worked out?

My blog is growing and I continue to get positive feedback so I think it has worked out great!



(“This dress fit well and was light and comfortable. I just have to say, “Adelle, I adore you”).

3. How do you see the plus-size fashion landscape?

I think that plus-size fashion has come a long way but I won’t be satisfied until I see popular designers making clothes to fit ME! I wanna rock Valentino, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs too!

4. What are some typical questions you get from your readership?

Where can they find a particular piece that they are looking for in plus-size, and questions about my faith.

5. What is your style mantra?

Throw out the rules and have fun with fashion! Oh, and also, too much is never enough!

6. What are some of your fashion faves and faux pas?

I love a good maxi dress. I can do without crop tops – they just don’t get along with my belly. [laughs]


7. What are three spring items you love from the IGIGI collections?

Adelle Dress, Isla Dress, and the Blake Gown in Bright Rose.

8. If you could spend an entire day with a designer, whom would you choose?


adelle keep3

 (“I fell in love with the beautiful cobalt blue as well as the grid print that has become a hot trend in fashion”).

9. What style advice do you have for plus-size ladies?

Stop allowing the fashion rules that have been put on us concerning fashion dictate your choices. Buy what you like and rock it! Flattery is in the eye of the beholder. As long as your eyes like it, then that’s all that matters!

10. What are you looking forward to in the spring?

I’m looking forward to pink. I’ve never really been a pink kind of girl but this spring I’m going to give the color a whirl (and perhaps a twirl).


adelle keep3

adelle keep5


–Ozlem Arpaci, PR at IGIGI

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Blogger Spotlight and Interview: The Power Suit

Posted by on March 4, 2015

Darlene Lebron of Suits, Heels, and Curves is one of our favorite plus-size fashion bloggers. We recently had a chat with her about her start as a blogger, her fashion must-have items, and what advice she has for other fashionistas alike.

Check her out in our coveted items of the season, Louise Jacket and Mariah Skirt in Tahitian Nights!


1. How did Suits, Heels, and Curves come about?

I developed Suits, Heels and Curves due to the lack of workwear fashion featured in the plus size market. I followed many of the great plus-size bloggers but felt very few addressed the need of the corporate plus size professional. Working in a corporate environment, I also felt the need to be more creative with my own style and move away from the traditional, all black suit. Plus size women are thought to hide behind oversized, bland clothing, and I wanted to be the catalyst of change within this space. I want to empower women of all sizes to conquer the boardroom and break free from the uniform.

2. How do you see the plus-size landscape?

The plus-size industry has made leaps and bounds within the past few years, but it still has a long way to go. Larger sizes as well as petite and taller women are often still left out of the spectrum. Fast fashion has provided a new avenue for style expression among plus-size women. But there continues to be a lack of quality and higher end items of key staple pieces. In career wear, we still continue to see lack of color, cuts, and styles. This is why I am a huge fan of IGIGI. The IGIGI Louise Jacket and Mariah Skirt bring a tremendous amount of “wow” factor while still being work appropriate and of excellent quality.


3. What is the most interesting experience you have had as a blogger so far?

I can’t identify one key experience but February marks the one-year anniversary of the blog, and I am still floating on cloud nine. I am in awe of the amazing women that I have encountered along this journey, and to have followers from all over the US, UK, Dubai, Colombia, etc. is just insane to me. I am just a girl trying to look good for work in the morning so when people recognize me at events it still gives me butterflies. My followers truly give me the strength to continue producing new material even if it means taking pictures in frigid weather.

4. What are some typical questions you get from your readership?

“Where is that from and is it true to size?” My readers are always looking for new shopping options so I always share where items are purchased from and how they fit. I will often list the size that I am wearing since that also serves as a helpful reference point. Because I am short I like to note if something is best for a taller or shorter girl. I also receive a lot of questions regarding if a particular item is interview or work appropriate. I love helping my readers find that perfect look that they feel confident and powerful in.

5. What are three fashion must haves?

A perfectly tailored black suit is a “must” in my closet. Styled together or separately, a black suit is extremely versatile and an important staple. For a “wow” bag, it has to fit my laptop – yes, I love large bags, but it also must be special. I love color when it comes to my handbags. If I’m in a black suit you better believe I am walking into the room with a hot pink bag. Shoes that you can conquer the world in. I am a strong believer in comfortable footwear. You can’t take over the world if you are worried
about your feet hurting. I love sensible heels that I can wear for several hours without having to worry. I also love flats! Flats come in so many cute and sexy styles now that you no longer have to pull out the super high heels to get noticed.

6. What are three fashion faux pas?

Underdressing – My mother drilled into me that it is better to be overdressed then to be under so it really drives me crazy to see casual attire at events or functions that are clearly business or formal attire. Sheer anything at the work place without the appropriate foundation garments. No, no one wants to see your bra or the flowers on your
undies. For day, always slip a cami under your sheer top but feel free to remove it at night for dinner with your hubby. Double check your skirts and pants for sheerness and be careful with leggings. Over-sexualized attire for work. Keep the excessive cleavage and booty hugging miniskirts for the weekend. Respect your employer and your colleagues by being mindful of your hemline.

7. What are three items you love from the IGIGI collections?

I am a huge fan of the Louise Jacket and Mariah Skirt. They have a beautiful feminine cut but structured enough to hold their shape for a day full of meetings. I am also a huge fan of the IGIGI maxi dresses. While I am keeping my fingers crossed that one day IGIGI will release the maxi in a petite version (hint, hint), in the meantime, I will just need to pair these gorgeous dresses with tall heels. I always recommend that my readers try IGIGI out with their maxis. They truly make you feel like a princess and it’s an excellent introduction to the line.


8. Which celebrities inspire your style?

I can’t say my style is inspired by one celebrity but more so by many. I love mixing and matching different styles; one day I am in jeans in a T-shirt and other days I’m in a glamourous lace dress. I love fashion and playing dress up is the best. I am also incredibly inspired by the amazing fashion I see every day on the streets of NYC. I am lucky to live in such a style maven where diversity is at every angle.

9. If you could spend an entire day with a designer, whom would you choose?

My top pick is Oscar de la Renta. I am inspired by the life he lived and his amazing journey in fashion. I am of Puerto Rican decent and it makes me extra proud to have such an amazing style icon as a neighbor. His feminine looks really woo me, and the mix of fun florals, gorgeous structure, and a hint of Caribbean flair all make me smile. Plus, his own personal style is something to write about. I love a gorgeously dressed man and Oscar de la Renta fits that bill.

10. What style advice do you have for plus-size ladies?

My number one advice to plus-size ladies is to stand in front of a mirror and take a good, long look at your reflection. Come on – don’t shy away. Once you are done, once you’ve cried, yelled and cursed the lady in front of you, I want you to close your eyes. Once YOU are ready, take another good look at yourself and say – “I love you!” At first it will feel strange and maybe unnatural, but say it. Say it today, say it tomorrow and say it every single day. You can’t love your style without loving yourself.


–Ozlem Arpaci, PR at IGIGI

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Plus-size Model Interview: Marina Bulatkina–Dancing Queen

Posted by on February 27, 2015





It’s winter in San Francisco but it’s possible to go outdoors and stay warm from walking while just wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Relaxed with tousled, blond hair, Marina Bulatkina has a sweet, angelic face that compulsively breaks into laughter. As she furnishes her portfolio to share an array of her photography, it becomes clear that she has a disposition well suited for adulthood: self-embracing, principled, open, and prepared. Coupled with a relaxed inflection in her Russian accent, the effect is lovely. The interview moves simply with sensible points in a way that Marina picks and chooses to keep on track. Her calm, leonine trait surfaces throughout our interview as she explores the duality between her academic background (both of her parents have PhDs in math) and her visual, artistic aspirations. Dancing is her credo (or “church,” as she likes to put it. “Dancing church”). Marina gets to split her life between Russia, where she grew up, and New York, where she moved in 2007 to kickstart her fashion career. 
Making your clothes
Marina notes that her mother taught her the importance of knowing your figure and knowing how to make your own clothes. As she was endowed with height and muscles from skiing and ballroom dancing, it was difficult for her to find clothes that properly fit: “[My mother] was always creative. She has the same body type as I do so she taught me how to sew clothes.”
The right moves
“Dancing was my hobby. It was my escape. Escape with my time, time for myself. I danced with a partner, I danced by myself. I competed as a ballroom dancer with my partner. So it was something very important. I started at the age of nine and I trained three times a week. So, I moved here, age of 21-22. I even teach on the side. It really built my confidence ‘cause a model has to be confident. There is no unconfident model, especially plus-size. How you sit, how you hold your posture. That’s very important for a model as well. Second, it’s the moves. I learned how to move my body. I learned how to do poses. And when I did my first shoot, like my really first shoot with a professional photographer, my agent, my first agent was there and she’s like, ‘Oh, my god. You move perfectly. Like you did it for a long time. You need to work on your faces.’ [laughs] That’s something that I had to learn, you know.”
photo 1 (3)
Staying upbeat
When asked about how she feels about the plus-size modeling industry, Marina remains positive amidst the melee of the fashion world: “You always hear something bad, a controversy but people want to talk about everything. It’s [usually] not related to the real situation. The real situation is really good and I’m happy. I’m very happy with my agency, Muse Management.”
Support for local artists and designers
She has a no-barred admiration for small entrepreneurs who are starting off: “Yeah, small entrepreneurs bring some new, crazy ideas that work. It amazes me how they bring changes. They bring new, fresh air to the industry, such as new photographers. These photographers, Rafael Clemente and Victoria Janashvilli, were my favorites to work with.”
photo 5
Following your instinct

“Follow your guts. Follow what you love to do. Follow what you love to try ‘cause I didn’t make it from the first year as a model. I didn’t make it. Of course it was challenging. There were always ups and downs. Sometimes you feel like, ‘Oh my god, I booked this job. I booked a magazine cover. Oh, it’s so great and I made it. I’m on the flight.” Other times you feel, ‘I don’t think I’m pretty at all.’ It happens in everybody’s life. We are all like that, even models. I talk to other models and they all, even the most successful ones, feel that way sometimes.”

Personal compass

Sometimes it’s in your family, the spirituality. Or religion is, kind of. My parents are scientists so… [laughs] I go dancing. That’s my church. I call it my dancing church. I definitely feel better when I go dancing, when I go to the gym. It brings you back on track, to the right mood. Also, sports and reading good books. I think it’s very important to continue reading books.”

–Jane Yu, staff at IGIGI

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One-Piece Wonder: Jump Back Into Your Jumpsuit!

Posted by on February 25, 2015

Women are crazy about the one-piece!

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 2.47.31 PM-2

Our Catalina Jumpsuit was such a big hit when we released it back in the summer that we decided to come back with a remix: the Charmaine Jumpsuit, complete with sleeves and wide-legs!

See what some of our favorite bloggers around the world have to say about the former Catalina Jumpsuit from IGIGI!


“Fashion should be fun and you should experiment with it because around every corner there is a new style or shape that could change your life. Behold the jumpsuit! Now, I am fully aware lots of other people have been wearing these for years but as you may [also know], I have a slight aversion to bottoms/trousers so I have steered clear of jumpsuits/playsuits in the past […] When IGIGI got in contact with me a while back, they asked if I wanted to review some of their garments. I thought I’d give the jumpsuit a go, but I have to be honest, I didn’t expect to feel confident in it or love it as much as I do. I honestly feel like such a minx as posed for these pics!”

Danielle Vanier, UK



“This is the most amazing jumper from IGIGI.”

-Entre Montreal et New York, Canada 


“When you want to look stylish but comfy, this jumper did just the trick! You can always style a jumper up or down because they are very versatile and for my private dinner party, this outfit didn’t only look stylish but elegant enough to wear amongst my peers.”

Talking with Tami, US


“Always skeptical about how a curvy ‘apple’ like me would wear a jumpsuit, I had to give in to temptation when I saw this one from IGIGI. Catalina did not just succeed it; it exceeded all my expectations. I tried it with colored espadrilles and it works. I styled it with sneakers and it looked hip. I tried it with studded sandals and I looked like a rock star[…] finally I took a walk with a pair of high sandals that led me to heaven.”

Guapita, Tondita, Italy

Ozlem Arpaci, PR at IGIGI




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