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7 DIY Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Posted by on October 26, 2015

It’s a week of plus size Halloween costume inspirations from IGIGI! We’ve created 7 DIY plus size Halloween costumes you can make using IGIGI dresses you already own.

Check out our costumes below.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Plus Size Halloween Costume

Minnie Mouse Ears:http://rstyle.me/~cz-6Jrx
Kate Spade Heels: http://rstyle.me/~cz-6JrTq

Devil Costume

Devil Plus Size Halloween Costume
Start with a Stephanie dress in red: http://www.igigi.com/stephanie-dress-in-red.html
Rhinestone Devil Horns: http://rstyle.me/~cz-6IsTC
Glitter pitchfork: http://rstyle.me/~cz-6IsYa
Giuseppe Zanotti: http://rstyle.me/~cz-6It4w
Vivienne Westwood Red Clutch: http://rstyle.me/~cz-6ItaK
Cruella De Vil
Oscar de la Renta Boots: http://rstyle.me/~cz-6HBGE
Cruella Lip Pencil from Nars: http://rstyle.me/~cz-6HBKs

A Queen

Plus Size Queen Halloween Costume
Start with the IGIGI Tamara Dress: http://www.igigi.com/tamara-dress-in-burgundy.html
Shourouk Necklace: http://rstyle.me/~cz-6GCj2
Oscar de la Renta Earrings: http://rstyle.me/~cz-6GCjU
Kate Spade Flats: http://rstyle.me/~cz-6GCp8
Mrs. Clause
Sexy Mrs. Clause Plus Size Halloween Costume
Start with the Teagan Dress in Crimson: http://www.igigi.com/teagan-dress-in-crimson.html
Ted Baker Red Clutch: http://bit.ly/1LxjDXG
White Faux Fur Scarf: http://bit.ly/1k5fBMP
Moncler Wedge Boot: http://bit.ly/1XtTkXG
Plus Size Sailor Costume
Start with the Steph Dress in Navy: http://www.igigi.com/steph-dress-in-navy.html
Captain’s Hat: http://bit.ly/1Mf3tzi
Keds Taylor Swift Heart Shoes: http://bit.ly/1MPayat
Sperry Anchor Watch:  http://bit.ly/1LXFicZ
Kitty Cat
Plus Size Kitty Cat Costume
Start with the Black Francesca Dress: http://www.igigi.com/francesca-dress-in-black.html
Black Lace Cat Ears: http://bit.ly/1LxrZOW
Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats: http://bit.ly/1Xu0qLK
Modcloth Cat Bag: http://rstyle.me/~cz-6JWJI
Cat Ear Ostrich Bag: http://rstyle.me/~cz-6JXbu
Make sure to send us your IGIGI DIY Halloween Costumes on our Facebook page!

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5 Ways to Be a Better Friend or Family Member

Posted by on October 17, 2015

Real life friends Amina Mucciolo of Studio Mucci and plus size fashion stylist Marcy Guevara on the set of the #IGIGILoveYourself Body Positive Campaign

Real life friends Amina Mucciolo of Studio Mucci and plus size fashion stylist Marcy Guevara on the set of the #IGIGILoveYourself Body Positive Campaign

Have you shopped our Friends and Family Sale yet? This October, we’ve been thinking of way to really honor our customers with our “social sale” and “friends and family sale”.  With the holidays coming up, we hope our customers also take time to treasure those they love the most. Check out our blog below for “5 Ways to Be A Better Friend or Family Member”!

1.  Stop Giving Advice

Advice is great (if someone asks for it). However, often times friends are just looking for someone who will listen when they vent. Make sure your friend or family member asks for your opinion before giving unsolicited advice.

Plus size fashion blogger Jolene of Boardroom Blonde and stylist Marcy Guevara on the set of the #IGIGILoveYourself Real Women Campaign

Plus size fashion blogger Jolene of Boardroom Blonde and stylist Marcy Guevara on the set of the #IGIGILoveYourself Real Women Campaign

2.  Be (Genuinely) Happy for Your Friend or Family Members Success

You may feel like you have a rivalry with a friend or sibling, but why not try and do something different…. be happy for them.  We know sometimes it’s hard to look at someone’s vacation photos when you’re slaving away at work, but try something new and feel joy for that person. When someone has success, like a new relationship, engagement, job or child, why not exhibit genuine happiness for that person? That way when you have something good happen to you, you know your friends will be there.


Marcy Guevara, Nicole Simone, Jolene of Boardroom Blonde and Amina Mucciolo of Studio Mucci on set of the #IGIGILoveYourself Campaign

Marcy Guevara, Nicole Simone, Jolene of Boardroom Blonde and Amina Mucciolo of Studio Mucci on set of the #IGIGILoveYourself Campaign

3. Do the Little Things

Meeting a friend for a gym sesh? Why not bring them a cup of their favorite brew? Have an office bff? Why not bring them flowers when they get that big promotion? Has mom been watching your kids every weekend? Why not treat her to spa day or IGIGI dress? Doing the little things help to ensure your friends and family that they’re someone special to you. Maybe you’ll be lucky and they’ll start doing the same for you.

Nicole Simone and Jolene of Boardroom Blonde

Nicole Simone and Jolene of Boardroom Blonde

4. Offer to be DD

People go out, especially during the holiday season. Cabs and uber cost money, and sometimes people take their lives into their own hands. If you know Dad’s off to watch football with his buddies and will throw back a few beers, or your girlfriend and her hubby are going out for their anniversary, why not take a Netflix night and be on-call as their designated driver. You don’t want your friends or family members chancing it.


Amina Mucciolo and Marcy Guevara snacking on Fillmore Street.

Amina Mucciolo and Marcy Guevara snacking on Fillmore Street.

5. Let go of grudges.

Family and friends who have been together a long time, often have their share of drama. Instead of holding grudges because a sibling gets more financial attention or a friend is hanging out with someone you don’t like, why not follow the words of Frozen and “let it go”.  If you can’t be happy and positive with the people in your life, what’s the point? If you can’t forgive, maybe it’s time to release them from your social circles all together.


Nicole Simone and Amina Mucciolo of Studio Mucci sharing a drink in Palm House

Nicole Simone and Amina Mucciolo of Studio Mucci sharing a drink in Palm House

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6 Shoes to Transform Your Plus Size Dresses

Posted by on October 10, 2015

Shoes and accessories can completely transform your outfits and transform a dress from day to night.  Here are six shoes to pair with 3 of favorite IGIGI plus size dresses. What pair of shoes is your favorite?

Bellissima Plus Size Dress in Teal Berry ($158)


Bellissima Dress and Kate Spade Karolina Pump


The Bellissima plus size dress is the perfect fall fashion addition to your wardrobe. This floral number is sure to turn heads. The sash is designed to accentuate the narrowest part of your frame while the contrasting floral trim adds a romantic touch that’s perfect for an evening rendezvous.  Dress the Bellissima down with boots for a day crunching autumn leaves, or up with heels for a candlelit date night.

The Belissima is a great dress to pair with suede short boots and a long sweater. Pair this dress with a pair of Sam Edelman “Paige Fringe Boots” (169.95).  These boots come in both medium and wide widths and go up to a size 13, so they’ll fit all of our lovely IGIGI customers.

Pair the Belissima with a black Kate Spade “Karolina” pump ($298). These 3 1/2 inch pumps are a great height for lengthening your legs but are still short enough to be comfortable to stand in for a dinner date. The Karolina pumps also come in narrow, medium and wide widths to fit even the pickiest of shoe wearer.

Dominique Plus Size Dress in Mod Dot, $128

The Dominique Dress is an IGIGI plus size staple. This universally flattering wrap dress brings a modern twist to the 1970’s staples. The “mod dot” dress is fun and flirty and great for brunch with your gals or a night dancing the night away at the clubs.

Are you enjoying warm October Sunday brunches? Slip on a pair of green flat sandals and look effortless cool with your friends. We suggest the K. Jacques Picon Leather Thong Sandal ($255) in Mint Green to complete your look.

Interested in going a night on the town? Dress up your Dominique with a pair of these green Manolo Blahnik heels ($965). (These manolos are the same shoes Carrie Bradshaw wore in the Sex and the City movie).

The Meredith Dress in Vintage Bohemian Print, $158

The Meredith dress is a perfect peacock blue dress for work and socializing.

Pair the Meredith dress with Tory Burch Sedgewick Ballet Flats ($250) for a sensible but stylish work outfit.

Pair the Meredith dress with Tory Burch Sally Wedges in Royal Tan and Gold ($265) for a fashionable and comfortable heel for seemingly endless cocktail parties.

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Top 6 Reasons To Fall In Love With Autumn Accessories

Posted by on October 4, 2015

Can you feel it? Leaves are changing, the air is cooling and sweater weather is back. Autumn is here, and so are the rich burgundy, caramel, chocolate and navy colored accessories in store windows.

This September, IGIGI launched it’s own line of affordable handbags. Check out our blog post below from fashion publicist and social media girl Camille Schmidt on her favorite fall accessories from IGIGI and notable designers.
Top 6 Autumn Accessories to Jumpstart Autumn
IGIGI Carla Handbag

The Carla Shoulder bag is a perfect small bag for running errands while still looking fashionable. Pair this shoulder bag with an all black outfit and dark shades and watch the burgundy bag pop.
eugenia-kim-mink-honey-wide-brim-hat-product-1-854974759-normal The Eugenia Kim “Honey Hat” is a versatile wide brimmed hat perfect for evoking a bohemian babe feel. This hat has been worn by starlets including Sienna Miller, Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively. Pair this hat with the Hayleigh Dress in Midnight Blue and look like perfection for an outdoor concert in the park.
obi-belt-caramel-finalThis faux suede Obi belt is the perfect addition to make any summer outfit, a fall look. Just wrap and go! Pair this obi with a dress like the Fiona dress to accentuate your waist line.
Naturalizer Jamison Wide Shaft Boots
These warm brown riding boots are perfect with a sweater and a maxi skirt or paired with leggings and cocoon coat.  Did we mention they’re wide leg? Now you can look like an equestrian and have a comfy go-to boot for fall.
bag-4-f-cleaned2This camel tote is the perfect work to weekend bag. Large enough to carry a notebook or tablet this elegant faux-leather floral bag is an elegant addition to a wrap dress like the Dominique Dress in Black  for work, on weekends pair the Lattice Tote with a floppy brim hat like the Eugenia Kim “Honey Hat” and a maxi dress like the with for a boho feel.
Tom-Ford-Womens-FT0296-Josephine-01B-Shiny-Black-Sunglasses-e01509bb-e04f-438f-8516-0f5f4429640a_600These black sunnies are perfect for hiding your eyes and grabbing a pumpkin spice latte after staying up late drinking single malt whiskey and feasting on candy corn.

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Striking a Balance

Posted by on September 18, 2015

As I’ve been getting acclimated to NYC, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be “balanced” and healthy. Even when it comes to how much one should consume and eat, it depends on the person. What is more personal than someone’s appetite? Is it better to eat something mediocre and stuffed with GMOs than to skip a meal and eat some lean vegetables later?

Managing your own life can be hard, perhaps since we expect so much from it. Since we’re limited on time and live on sacrifices where it seems like the responsibilities and tasks we’re assigned diminish each other (e.g. productivity versus rest), the whole task of balance seems futile and meaningful at once.

I recently participated in an amazing yoga event in Central Park hosted by Lole White. 10,000 other yogis and I, clad in yellow, stretched our bodies together in unison. I lie. I actually went in my work skirt (one of the workers came up to me to tell me that she loved that I was doing yoga in my “real clothes”). It was amazing to do yoga and feel the uneven grass beneath my mat. I had chosen to be there even though my day had been difficult. The illusion of choice brought me peace.

Life is like a house, a wise friend of mine once said. You pay too much attention to one room and you forget the details of the whole house or neglect another room, or the basement downstairs that needs a deep cleaning. I suppose being balanced is being mindful of both the forest and the trees.

How do you find your balance?

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