Jennifer Lawrence Is Not As Flawless As You Think

Posted by on January 8, 2014

When listing body positive celebrities, most people are quick to include the popular Jennifer Lawrence among their list of faves. I have never had any sort of real issue with Jennifer Lawrence. I’ve enjoyed a lot of her movies (The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook were both excellent), she’s done some interesting and very down to Earth interviews, and her stumble on the Oscar stage last year was absolutely endearing.

However, there is a small part of me that does not quite understand the adoration with which JLaw is consistently met on the Internet. She has almost achieved cult-leader status on Tumblr with all of her .giffable (read as: gaffable) moments.

Most of my discomfort with her comes from how she talks about her body and dieting. Now, it’s not totally her fault. The media constantly asks female celebrities about their bodies, dieting habits, and exercise regimens, so female celebrities are often forced to talk about these issues on a regular basis in interviews. Jennifer Lawrence simply does not play ball. She likes eating and likes food and is comfortable talking about that in interviews.

Jennifer Lawrence

A popular JLaw .gif emphasizes her love of food.
Credit: via Jenny Trout

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Filling a Need: Donating Your Plus-Size Clothing After the Holidays

Posted by on January 7, 2014

As we move into colder weather, everyone is starting to bundle up. Personally, I really love winter. The snow, the warm fires, the drinks, the scarves – I love it all. However, I’m lucky enough that I do not need to worry about having the clothes with which to dress warmly enough.

Many people struggle to keep warm during the cold weather because they can’t afford the right boots, sweaters, and coats to keep out the frigid winter air. This can affect plus-size individuals even more so because it is so much harder to find plus-size clothes at discount prices. This makes plus-size clothing donation so, so important, especially in the winter.

Plus-size clothing

Consider making a plus-size clothing donation this year.
Credit: Larger than Life

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Lena Dunham on Showing Off Her Body and Taking Up Space

Posted by on January 6, 2014

Lena Dunham has gotten a lot of flak for showing off her naked curvy body on her HBO TV show Girls. She’s spoken about her decision to show off her body and why she thinks showing off her so-called “imperfect” body on television is important.

Last season on Girls, there was one particularly powerful episode about body image with the classically attractive Patrick Wilson called “One Man’s Trash,” in which Dunham’s character Hannah had an intense two-day fling with Patrick Wilson’s character Joshua, a wealthy doctor who can afford a tricked out brownstone in the Village. A lot of viewers (and TV critics) took to the web and Twitter to discuss how unrealistic they found this episode, since they found it unlikely that a smoking hot guy like Joshua would express interest in the plain Hannah.

This was a great stand alone episode and as Tracie Egan Morrissey from Jezebel pointed out, this episode was “probably the nudiest yet for Dunham (which is really saying something).”

Patrick Wilson’s real life partner, his wife, author, and actress Dagmara Dominczyk put an end to the Internet haterade with a graceful tweet in response to one viewer’s criticism of the episode.

Dagmara Dominczyk tweet

The tweet in question.
Credit: Twitter/Dagmara Dominczyk

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Balancing Fashion and Religion with Plus-Size Fashion Blogger Sakinah Azman

Posted by on January 3, 2014

Sakinah Azman, 21, is a sophomore psychology major at the University of Washington who is living in the states on a student visa. Originally, Sakinah hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her focus is general psychology but she has a keen interest in child development, neuro-behavior, and forensic psychology. Sakinah is a Muslim and was brought up in a religious, although quite liberal, background. She is also a plus-size fashion blogger and she frequently incorporates her headscarves into the outfits that she posts on her blog.

Sakinah says that she initially began wearing the headscarf out of obligation after attending a religious school for five years. However, her father did not want her to take it off after she started wearing it. While she does believe in certain aspects of Islam, she does not consider herself especially religious.

“I hated how Islam was institutionalized in Malaysia,” says Sakinah. “I think that the politics surrounding the religion, and how fear was used in the education of the religion made me resentful. That resulted in me doing things against the religion, like drinking [...] Recently, however, I’ve been trying to relearn the religion from another perspective and I’ll be taking some classes from the western view of Islam. The culture of my religion shaped a lot of my image. My feelings toward the religion are conflicting as of now, which is why sometimes I post photos with the headscarf on and sometimes without.”

Sakinah doesn't generally label her style, but she says she would describe it as a mix of punk, grunge, alternative and gothic. She's almost always wearing something black, and her palette is generally dark. Credit: Sakinah Azman

Sakinah doesn’t generally label her style, but she says she would describe it as a mix of punk, grunge, alternative and gothic. She’s almost always wearing something black, and her palette is generally dark.
Credit: Sakinah Azman

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The Ongoing Debate Over Plus-Size Barbie

Posted by on January 2, 2014

Is the world ready for a plus-size Barbie? This image below posted to the Facebook page “Plus-Size Modeling” has sparked quite a lot of controversy in the last few weeks.

The shot of the iconic Barbie carrying a few extra pounds was initially created as a submission for  Worth 1000’s 2011 “Feeding Time 9″ competition, where artists digitally alter shots of celebrities to make them appear larger, ABC News reports. This image of Barbie was submitted by user bakalia and took first place in the bizarre contest, which also included manipulations of celebrities Mila Kunis, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, and more.

Plus-size Barbie

This is the image that appeared on the “Plus-Size Modeling” Facebook page. As of January 1st, the post had 42,346 likes, 3,173 shares and 5,847 comments.
Credit: Facebook/Plus-Size Modeling

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