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Standing Out with Plus-Size Fashion Blogger Natashia Judge

Posted by on January 24, 2014

Natashia Judge, 23, is originally from Wales, but has been living in Gloucester, England for the last several years. She works as a medical secretary and her passions are photography, fashion, home interiors, swimming, and board games. She is also a fantastic plus-size fashion blogger and has a degree in photography. She loves taking the time to shoot her OotD‘s to post on her blog “Tea For Tash,” since it combines her love of photography and fashion. Plus, taking selfies is always fun.

She finds fashion inspiration on Tumblr and from simply people-watching, since you can pick up on so many trends just from watching people walk down the street.

Natashia took the time to talk with IGIGI about being unafraid to stand out as a plus-size woman and how to pull off any look with confidence.

Plus-size fashion blogger Natasha Judge

Natashia describes her fashion as eccentric, feminine and comfy.
Credit: Natashia Judge

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Feeling Self-Conscious About Being Photographed? Have a Look at These Vintage Photos

Posted by on January 23, 2014

People are self-conscious about being photographed. It’s a pretty common, well-known fact. Whenever a camera comes out, whether it’s at a party, a wedding, or just a quick snapshot on the street, people automatically try to “fix” themselves. Hairs are brushed away, backs are straightened, and smiles instantly appear – a certain, disingenuous mask falls over the scene.

Now, I’m a plus-size fashion blogger, a college student, and a millennial, so I am quite used to having many, many photographs taken of me in my everyday life. I’m almost hyper-aware of my “good” angles and I’m always so concerned about where those photos will be going since I like to have total editorial power over my shots. Honestly, that might be why I like selfies so much, since I get to have the final say in how I’m depicted.

I’m probably a little bit of a control freak, but I’m really not alone in my photo-phobia. Many people tend to be sensitive about what images of themselves are taken and then often shared on various social media. I have a photography professor who finds the frequent query of “Where is this photo going to be shown?” to be one of the funnier questions of the modern era, since that is a question that was almost never asked of street photographers 20 years ago.

Old photograph

One of the photos from Riggs’ series. The text reads: “Old fat me, p.s. hide this please”
Credit: Ransom Riggs

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The Problematic Plus-Size Label: Sizing in the Fashion Industry

Posted by on January 22, 2014

There is currently quite a lot of debate circulating around the Internet right now about what constitutes plus-size. A good deal of this discussion is related to whether or not a lot of plus-size models are considered plus-size. A few weeks ago, we even covered this issue to some extent on the blog.

There is also a distinct dichotomy between what is considered plus-size in the fashion world and what is considered plus-size in the real world. Two very successful plus-size models – Crystal Renn and Leah Kelley – have both spoken about how arbitrary they find the plus-size label since in the fashion world, plus-size really just means above a US size 8.

Leah Kelley

A shot of plus-size model Leah Kelley from her Instagram.
Credit: Instagram/@LeahKelley

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The Militant Baker’s Most Recent Project About Fat Discrimination

Posted by on January 21, 2014

There are a lot of stereotypes about plus-size women and about overweight people in general. Jes from the Militant Baker recently ran an absolutely phenomenal photo campaign based on Google search terms about fat people and fat discrimination that everyone needs to look at. Jes wrote a post on her blog about the project, titled “What Autocomplete Will Tell You About Fat Hate And Why It Needs To Stop.”

Jes the Militant Baker

This poster from the project depicts Jes “The Militant Baker” herself, with the Google autocomplete bar over her own mouth.
Credit: The Militant Baker

Essentially, Jes and her contributors took photos of themselves with the well-known Google search bar pasted over their mouths, with autocompleted search terms that people have searched for in regards to fat people. Statements like “fat people are lazy,” “fat people are gross,” and “fat people are annoying” were prominently featured in many of the posters.

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H&M Faces Backlash Over Plus-Size Model Used in Recent Catalogue

Posted by on January 20, 2014

The fashion industry is really struggling with that whole “plus-size” label thing for their models. I feel like almost every week, there is a new scandal to discuss in the media. Many models have also spoken out about the label and seem generally unimpressed with how their bodies are being categorized by both fashion companies and fashion magazines alike. Essentially, it appears that models fall into two different categories: very thin and slightly less thin – the slightly less thin being the plus-size model obviously.

Rebecca Adams of the Huffington Post said it best in a recent article about the criticism H&M faced after labeling size “medium” models as plus-size:

“While it’s refreshing to see more and more body types in the pages of our magazines, many people have become frustrated with the classification system that divides straight and plus-size models,” writes Adams. “When you can’t tell the difference between the two, the ‘plus-size’ designation seems particularly arbitrary.”

This most-recent plus-size scandal hit the Internet hard and many people took to Twitter to express their outrage over the svelte looking H&M models showing the Swedish retailer’s plus-size offerings in their new catalogue.

Plus-size model for H&M

Twitter was inundated with frustrated comments accompanied by screen caps of H&M’s most recent catalogue after the latest edition was delivered to homes of loyal H&M customers around the world.
Credit: Twitter/@disney_frump

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