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Foods Good for Anxiety

Posted by on June 24, 2015

One of my friends in the UK (that’s notorious for its “horrible food”) once told me that the concept of “good food” was a scam. I told him that was absolute bullocks; foods good for anxiety abound, such as asparagus. So much of how we feel is tied to what we eat, and for good measure. A famous quote by Andre Bretin is, “Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are.” Well, don’t look at my insides because you might think I’m a mixture of junk and quality (but aren’t we all? The “slow food” movement is fairly new) when I assure you that I try to be a better, healthier person every day. Check out some ingredients below that soothe your jitters.

1. Chamomile Tea


This tea just makes me mellow, mild, and serene all around.

2. Kefir


My foodie friend once shared some of her kefir drink with me that had the perfect amount of fizz and lemon-y taste. I wanted to drink more of it but she told me I could make some of it myself. Apparently, it’s really easy and it tastes yummy.

3. Avocado


Who doesn’t like avocados? They’re so rich and full of the monounsaturated fats that stimulate the brain’s neurotransmitters. Mashed or even in a smoothie, they’re perfect.

4. Dark chocolate


I had to throw in dark chocolate because I could never give up chocolate. I felt vindicated when science proved that dark chocolate delivers calm to those who consume. Chocolate lovers, unite!

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Say Yes! Plus Size Dresses To Wear to a Wedding

Posted by on June 17, 2015

So, you’ve said the BIG yes, but do you know what you’re going to wear down the altar? A wedding is made up of a dozen micro-tasks. There are florals to arrange, caterers to book, and questions of which space to rent out. Even if what you wear seems like the most trivial, it’s also symbolically and emotionally important. It’s the photo with your spouse that will be passed down the family tree to future generations. The details matter.

I still remember that “Friends” episode where Monica (always on a budget), has Rachel accompany her as a tag-team partner in the serious hunt for a discount wedding dress, akin to an orchid thief prowling through the perils of the jungle to find his keep. In fact, she really did need Rachel by her side because she ends up getting into a tug-of-war with another shopper whose eyes were set on the same dress. Talk about competition! The immediacy of the Internet sometimes draws our chase to a close very quickly (not to mention it’s much more isolated–it’s just you and how quickly you click your mouse), but isn’t it nice to find a haven for plus size dresses to wear to a wedding? Our wedding dresses at IGIGI are a huge hit so we wanted to share some of our favorites below.



Our Paulette Wedding Dress is our newest addition to our Bridal Collection and ever so sweet with the delicate embroidery on the skirt.








The Eugenia Wedding Gown is regal with vintage flair. As you walk down the aisle, you’ll shimmer with every step!



Our White Diamonds Wedding Gown is just exquisite with the sparkling rhinestones and crystals adding to your queenly effect.

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“Made in USA” is Here to Stay

Posted by on June 11, 2015

Made in USA

Who wants to feed into a better cycle? The movement always starts with you. We all know industry change can only be made from the ground up. Just as there’s been a movement with the slow food movement where kitchens in restaurants become open and transparent, there is also a lot of political effort in the US to manufacture stateside.
Let’s get onto the same side of the conversation and learn why you should support locally manufactured clothing companies such as IGIGI, made in the USA and in San Francisco, specifically. As we wear clothing every day, we should take a step further and put more thought into the source of our clothing.

1. Fair trade delivers money back to the people who produce your clothing. IGIGI is proud to be a part of domestic manufacturing.
2. Fair trade environmental standards also protect the environment since there is a regulation of meeting specific requirements.
3. Sustainability and ethics are a priority for companies that manufacture locally. If you support locally based companies, you can contribute to the notion that you can still make business from pulling resources within your own country!

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Makeover Candidate through Catherine Schuller’s Y.E.S.S.

Posted by on June 2, 2015

Makeover Candidate: Nicole Flores

Profession: Blogger, Writer, Spokesperson, Social Media and PR

Interests: Art, Hip Hop, Music and Entertainment

Photographer: Jose Pagan

Makeup Artist: Nicole Flores

Styling and Accessories: Shelia Gay Robbins of She She’s Closet

Nicole Flores lives in New York City and the backdrop of the arts scene is exactly what feeds her creative soul. She is passionate about everything to do with artists who perform, write, paint, draw, sing, dance, or express themselves through their art. She is a dedicated supporter and liaison of the art, music, fashion, business and beauty scenes in New York. Being a curvy woman, she has the same challenges in finding great outfits to wear to various art events in an about town. She is aware of her persona and how she presents herself in public. She is often dashing around the city, from morning to night, flitting among the art openings, gallery exhibitions, music and dance performances, and fashion shows. It’s this adrenaline rush that fuels her desires and motivates her on a daily basis. This is a high energy city and she is as dynamic a creature as you’ll find, curvy or straight.

Nicole is a beautiful Latina woman with a curly mane of hair and a smile as wide as her arms. She is one heck of a cook and a fabulous single mother. She works tirelessly and is all about empowerment, so she seemed like a great first candidate for my Y.E.S.S. blog post. We met when Nicole just started her Xponential Curve blog, which has grown in popularity over the past three years. She now has many followers and has become a writer, speaker and a heavy influence in social media. I have grown quite fond of this downtown diva with her Bronx roots and heart of gold. We became quite close over the past two years of my doing Runway the Real Way at the Yotel Hotel. With our having done over sixty shows at that venue, she has become a contributing member of the family, helping in a myriad of ways that make her indispensable to me each weekend. She assists with makeup application backstage and keeping the social media buzz going, not to mention rockin’ the runway with many of the plus-size designers who present in our show.

She has become my curvy confidante and I seek her advice, counsel and wisdom every week. You know you have a lot to say when a phone call goes on for an hour and you’ve barely scratched the surface. She is a wonderful mother, too, and in that regard I was honored to help her bump up her image and “IGIGI-ify” her current style. I chose Nicole for my first Y.E.S.S. candidate and am proud to make her my lovely lady of this first launch. I believe she personifies the very reason why I created this blog with IGIGI. I’m going to choose curvy women who have their own established style (although they may not know exactly what that is but as long as they know “what they like” and why). With Y.E.S.S., I’m going to help her pinpoint their style type, define what comprises that look and then have her choose an Igigi dress that best reflects who she is and more importantly, where she’s going.

After tallying the results from the Style Assessment Quiz [take yours here], we determined that Nicole has a Natural/Sporty core style but also has secondary characteristics (because no one is one dimensional, after all) in Dramatic/Alluring and Romantic/Feminine. For the most part, her style is casual, comfortable but creative. She wears a lot of pants and jeans because she “doesn’t like her legs” and has a hard time finding flattering dresses. IGIGI is known for its stunning array of dresses, so when I mentioned she’d be wearing a dress, she was a little hesitant at first, but I wanted her to try something that would reflect her appearing mores sophisticated and mature but not sacrificing her need for comfort; I certainly did not want her to feel self-conscious about her legs. “Style is being yourself on purpose,” I always say. We definitely discovered and tweaked her style; we used a few more flavors to complement and reflect her former style restraints, freeing her up to move into her more romantic and flirty side.

BEFORE: Here she is in some looks which she wore over the last few years…

nicole flores 3 beforenicole flores 4 beforenicole flores in ADIR BELT WAVENicole Flores 2 beforeNICOLE FLORES 1 BEFORE PIC

Her past looks were only a mere fraction of her style capability in my estimation. I chose the Kelly Dress in Noir Rose dress and the Francesca Dress in Tuberose because they are easy, breezy comfortable, but the message being communicated is Dramatic/Alluring with a touch of Romantic/Feminine. Something that was lacking in her wardrobe of yore. We have to examine how our style choices can show the world what we are moving away from and moving towards. She loves her new IGIGI-fied persona. We did her makeup and hair and added some fabulous jewelry which IGIGI dresses are MADE for fabulous accessories from She She’s Closet to coordinate with the colors in each dress and voila – instant glam!!

Then, with the spring weather in all its glory, we had the very talented Jose Pagan capture the new Nicole. How ironic that it was in the courtyard of The X Collective art studio where she was holding a gallery viewing during a Sunday afternoon. When I got her look all together and we were walking outside to start shooting the final result she put on the dress, spun around and said gleefully, “I feel so PRETTY!” Now isn’t that saying YESS to the DRESS???

AFTER: Natural/Sport, Dramatic/Alluring, Romantic/Feminine

Igigi Edited Igigi Edit2

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Beach Getaways

Posted by on May 28, 2015

Who doesn’t love summer fun? Research shows that traveling is better when people prepare for their getaways rather than whipping up an itinerary last-minute. Are you an itinerant type of traveler or the kind who likes to lounge, beachside? In the hustle of the daily modern world, it’s sometime’s nice to do nothing and have a day to ourselves. Here are some key beach spots we’ve been eyeing:

1. Florida Keys, Miami

Someone I met told me he’s from Miami and I wrinkled my nose since I can’t stand sweltering heat. He told me that’s the reason he moved to San Francisco (where the weather’s hardly ever extreme) but he told me the Florida Keys are a destination, so I had to go look this up.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 1.37.00 PM

2. Uluwatu, Bali

The title, Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert isn’t exactly the most creative, nor is the movie more redeeming than the book, but I must admit that I couldn’t help watching it simply to get a glimpse of gorgeous Bali.


3. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

My friend one time sent me photos of the water when she was on a remote island in the Philippines. I’m not sure if it was this one but when I came across this picture I was a bit speechless.


4. Roatan, Honduras

Our graphic designer, a beach connoisseur, says the water here is like crystal blue bathwater. The snorkeling there is supposed amazing because you get to see untouched wildlife. Most of it is preserved land so wouldn’t it be lovely to explore under and see all that sways beneath?


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4 reasons to love igigi
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