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The Maxi Dress Trend – Gimme a Maxi!

Posted by on June 6, 2014

The Maxi Dress Trend

Is your go-to dress a maxi? Well, if it is this post is for you! We asked 4 lovely plus-size bloggers what their favorite IGIGI maxi dress is,  how they would style it and where they would wear it to.

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Getting That Goddess Look: Maxi Dresses For Plus-size Women

Posted by on September 16, 2013

There is nothing quite as dramatic or flattering as a good maxi dress. There is a small part of me that really wants to believe in the whole lost princess fantasy and that I will eventually be ferried away to rule my own small kingdom à la Mia Thermopolis of The Princess Diaries. Until then, I will wear my princess-esque maxi dresses and keep my plans for castle renovation to myself. Luckily, I found the IGIGI Jordan Maxi Dress to help me live out my fantasy a little bit.

I wore this dress to a dinner out with my family and I paired it with wedge sandals and a cropped denim jacket since it finally seems that Fall weather is starting up a bit.

I wore this dress to a dinner out with my family and I paired it with wedge sandals and a cropped denim jacket since it finally seems that Fall weather is starting up a bit.

I cannot get over the fluidity of this dress. The fabric, a chiffon overlay with a full jersey lining, is absolutely divine. The geometric, chevron pattern on the skirt is current and elongates the legs while creating a lot more visual interest than simple stripes and the hem cuts up in the front giving a soft, petal-like look while eradicating any fears of accidentally stepping on the hem. The chiffon sleeves are also customizable and the drawstrings can be pulled tight and tied for a tank look or loosened (like I wore them) to create true short sleeve. The chiffon is still semi-sheer so you get a touch more coverage while still looking sexy. The wide neckline cut across my shoulders and showed a decent amount of skin so I added a chunky, vintage gold necklace to balance it out while still emphasizing the sweetheart cut of the neckline. The thick band hits me right under the bust for an empire waist that is flattering on every body type.


When wearing a maxi dress, it can be fine line between looking like a Greek goddess or looking short and dumpy, so cut and structure is incredibly important when picking out your maxi. Look to the five tips below when finding your perfect maxi:

1. Look for a thick strap or a sleeve. If you have a larger bust, wearing a good bra with straps, is a necessity so strapless maxis are usually not an option for most plus-sized women and spaghetti straps can just make your top half look larger.

2. Find an empire silhouette. Sack or swing maxis are out if you are looking for a strictly flattering cut since they will fall directly down and make you look a little larger and shorter than normal. Granted, they can always be belted, but if you’re looking for a completely effortless look stick to empire.

3. Stick to a sweetheart of v-neck neckline. Since your legs are covered the deeper neckline will show some skin and add balance to the maxi dress while elongating your neck and making your entire figure look leaner.

4. Don’t size down. When you’re wearing a maxi dress, part of the appeal is the flow of the skirt and the swing of the fabric around your legs. If you’re wearing a tight tube dress you lose this goddess effect and it takes away from the majesty of a good maxi look. A loose, flowing dress with a cinched waist is the most flattering for a plus-size figure.

5. Pay attention to prints. A large, oversized print on a maxi can be really overwhelming and take away from the dress. On the Jordan Maxi Dress, the exaggerated chevron works so well because the vertical print starts at the skirt allowing for a more flattering look, instead of completely covering the dress from neckline to hemline. If you are interested in a completely patterned maxi dress, a plain belt around the smallest part of your waist will cut the pattern and make you look slimmer.

Some people believe floor-length dresses are inherently formal, but if you have the right accessories a maxi can be perfect either for a daytime or nighttime look. What is your favorite style maxi dress? Tell me in the comments.

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