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Photoshop Practices in Fashion Magazines and the Scary Reality Of ‘Reverse Retouching’

Posted by on January 17, 2014

It’s basically common knowledge now that you absolutely cannot trust the images of the perfect waifish, models plastered all over fashion magazines. We have indisputable evidence that almost every single one of those images has been photoshopped to such a point that the photo editors are essentially photoshopping away the humanity of these women, and then telling regular women on the street to aspire to this completely unattainable beauty standard. If the models themselves do not even look like that, how dare you tell the average woman reading Vogue at the nail salon that they should aspire to that level of “beauty.”

However, Leah Hardy, a former editor at Cosmpolitan, recently wrote a shocking expose for the Daily Mail about how many fashion magazines do not just photoshop models to make them look thinner, but they also photoshop models to sometimes hide extreme (and potentially unhealthy) thinness. The process is called “reverse retouching.”

Karlie Kloss and reverse retouching

This image of Karlie Kloss that originally appeared in Numero Magazine is one such example of “reverse retouching.”
Credit: About-Face via Fabulous Fashionista

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Plus-Size Model Tara Lynn Graces The Cover Of ELLE Spain

Posted by on December 4, 2013

A few weeks ago, I made up a list of some amazing body positive plus-size models and I was incredibly remiss in not including the lovely Tara Lynn.

Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn on the November 2013 cover of ELLE Spain. Credit: ELLE Spain

Even if you haven’t heard the name Tara Lynn, you probably saw her striking features in the Spring 2012 H&M Campaign. Most recently, however, the Seattle-born model just appeared on the cover of ELLE Spain with the headline “El Exito de una Mujer Real,” which translates to “The Success of the Real Woman.”

She also has an editorial spread inside the magazine shot by photographer Xavi Gordo and styled by the Creative & Fashion Director of ELLE Spain, Inmaculada Jimenez.

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ELLE, Melissa McCarthy, and Plus-size Cover Girls

Posted by on October 23, 2013

I’m assuming by this point that everyone has seen Melissa McCarthy’s upcoming November Elle cover. The cover was released last week as part of Elle’sWomen in Hollywood” cover series. Other November cover girls include Penelope Cruz, Reese Witherspoon, and Shailene Woodley. While it’s wonderful that McCarthy is being recognized for her work and she is certainly a beautiful women, many critics felt that the styling choices on McCarthy’s cover fell flat.

Melissa McCarthy

McCarthy’s cover was shot by well-known photographer Thomas Whiteside, and the Mike and Molly star was dressed in a beautiful, dramatic Maria Rinaldi coat. Credit: ELLE Magazine via Huffington Post

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