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Target and the Mysteriously Disappearing Plus-Size Section

Posted by on March 18, 2014

Target and the Mysteriously Disappearing Plus-Size Section

Here at IGIGI, we take our mission to transform the world’s view of beauty seriously by creating alluring, fashionable, and wearable clothing for sizes 12-32.

So when we read recently that Target had mysteriously begun to phase out its plus-size offerings across the country with vague wording about offering a new plus-size line in the future, we were puzzled as to why everyone’s favorite low-priced yet stylish retailer would alienate such an important customer base.

Even if this is a supply issue from Target’s overseas suppliers, it would be highly unlikely that Target, or any other big retailer, would “disappear” or under-supply a straight-size section for months at a time.

From the Jezebel.com article:

Retailers have a long and storied history of flipping a middle finger to plus sized shoppers, and so it’s hard to blame women for feeling upset that a store they once patronized no longer has anything for them. Old Navy, for example, now exclusively carries its plus sizes online. Saks discontinued its plus size line…and a quiet phase-out of plus sizes by a massive retailer like Target would be, to many shoppers, disappointing but exhaustingly typical.”

Target’s plus-size section remains online during this transition. While we know you, our darling IGIGI customer, is very comfortable shopping online, that may not be the case for Target’s plus-size customer.

Target and the Mysteriously Disappearing Plus-Size Section

At least this time, they’re not trying to use a pregnant model to model plus-size clothing or naming the color of a plus-size dress something rather unflattering. How many more chances will they get?

Source: Jezebel, Huffington Post.


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