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Fashionista.com Asks: Are Plus-Size Women the Problem with Plus-Size Fashion?

Posted by on August 12, 2014

Fashionista.com Asks: Are Plus-Size Women the Problem with Plus-Size Fashion?

Fashionista.com dropped an interesting article with a click-baiting title: Are Plus-Size Women the Problem with Plus-Size Fashion?

(Go ahead, click through, and come back to discuss – we’ll wait for you!)

Full of juicy quotes from anonymous bloggers as well as real information from industry icons such as Nicolette Mason, we round up some of the more interesting parts:

“It’s become such an angry section of fashion,” one plus-size blogger, who wishes to remain anonymous, explains. “Everyone has an opinion, and it’s such a negative, negative environment, and it sounds sad, but they want to tear each other apart.”

Plus-size consumers want larger-sized models, but when brands use them: “…the companies will often conduct tests. One such brand displayed the exact same clothes on a size 8 model and a size 14 model on its website; the size 8 model sold better every time.”

(Please note, at IGIGI, we use size 14-16 models, never a size 8!)

On fashion publications adding a dedicated page to plus-size fashion: “It’s almost insulting in a sense: you have a magazine with 300 pages and here’s one page,” says the anonymous source. “They could continue to do things that were really shitty because they had thrown us a bone.”

We are excited to see this segment of the industry gaining more power and recognition, from Candice Huffine being featured in the Pirelli Calendar to Melissa McCarthy on the cover of ELLE. And as we continue to provide nothing but the best on-trend and well-made fashion for sizes 12-32, we remember:

Style is not a size, it’s an attitude.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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