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Plus-Size Model Tara Lynn Graces The Cover Of ELLE Spain

Posted by on December 4, 2013

A few weeks ago, I made up a list of some amazing body positive plus-size models and I was incredibly remiss in not including the lovely Tara Lynn.

Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn on the November 2013 cover of ELLE Spain. Credit: ELLE Spain

Even if you haven’t heard the name Tara Lynn, you probably saw her striking features in the Spring 2012 H&M Campaign. Most recently, however, the Seattle-born model just appeared on the cover of ELLE Spain with the headline “El Exito de una Mujer Real,” which translates to “The Success of the Real Woman.”

She also has an editorial spread inside the magazine shot by photographer Xavi Gordo and styled by the Creative & Fashion Director of ELLE Spain, Inmaculada Jimenez.

If those thighs aren’t photoshopped, I will eat an entire tub of shea butter. Credit: ELLE Spain via Plus Model Magazine

Personally, I think it’s incredibly problematic to call any type of women “real women,” because it incorrectly and offensively suggests that some women are not woman enough, which of course is absolutely ridiculous. Anyone who identifies as a woman is a “real” woman. There is no right nor wrong way to exist.

As Carrie Murphy from The Gloss, so aptly put it:

“While I understand the impulse to call Tara Lynn a ‘mujer real’… the implication is that standard size fashion models, and indeed, women who are thin or skinny, are not ‘real women,’ that their womanhood is somehow lesser because their body types happen to conform to societal standards. Yes, the fashion industry—and the media as a whole—should be working towards more inclusive depictions of a range of shapes, sizes, and skin colors in both editorials and advertisements. But the rhetoric that follows that inclusion, that self-congratulatory, faux body positive ‘real woman’ terminology and mindset ultimately proves to further solidify the dichotomy between women who look like ‘models’ and women who do not.”

Nevertheless, I do believe that the intention of ELLE Spain was to try to glorify more “healthy” weights, which is a pleasant change for a fashion magazine.

Unfortunately, the cover, which features a gorgeous and provocatively dressed Tara, appears to be heavily photoshopped and the digital retouching has already been called out by multiple bloggers and media personalities.

Regardless of the politics, Tara does look absolutely gorgeous in every single image. Credit: ELLE Spain via Plus Model Magazine

It is true that more plus-size women are appearing on the covers of fashion magazines lately, and that is wonderful. But, I feel like fashion editors are not really choosing their plus-size cover girls because they want to glorify their bodies, but rather, they slap a plus-size woman on their cover, photoshop the crap out of her, and then try to hand the issue down to the plus-size masses, like Moses with the 10 Commandments, saying, “Look, look at how nice we’re being.” Well, it’s not nice and it’s not good enough.

Show plus-size women AS PLUS-SIZE WOMEN. We don’t need your thorough airbrushing and re-sculpting Photoshop tools. I highly recommend watching this viral video that has been circulating it’s way around the Internet that shows some of the photoshop work that magazines will do for simple photo shoots.

This is not the first big cover that Tara has landed. She also appeared on the cover of ELLE France in March 2010 and the editorial shoot inside that issue included a photo of Tara sitting nude on a chair that went viral, International Business Times reports. She has also graced the cover of Vogue Italia.

How do you feel about the way plus-size women are depicted on magazines and in the media? Tell me in the comments.

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