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  • Meet Shannon
    • Size: 18/20
    • Height: 5'7"
    • Shape: Oval
    • Style: Jeans&tshirt usually,but I like classy when I dress up
    It is often the softest touch that leaves the deepest mark.
    I guess I am more of a tomboy. I know little of fashion and what is 'in'. With a lot of help from IGIGIand my husband, I have been able to indulge my girly side recently.

    My husband and I have gotten into ballroom dancing over the past couple of years. I prefer to look like a girl when dancing with my IGIGI never fails me in that quest.

    As long as I am wearing a gown from IGIGI, I am the belle of the ball.
  • Margarita Gown in Crimson
    Shannon's Rating: