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Sexy Designer Plus Size Clothing

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  • Meet Gry
    • Size: 12
    • Height: 5'9"
    • Shape: Triangle
    • Style: Classic, casual, colorful and stylish
    Dare to be yourself, be confident in your own decitions. Believe in yourself, and don`t seconguess your choises. Dare to be different, individual, and strong. And always believe you are beautiful inside out.
    I work as an Intensive Care Nurse in the ER and wear a white uniform each day. This is probably why I love to dress in colorful, classic, stylish clothes that fits my bodyshape whenever I have time off.

    IGIGI clothes make me feel beautiful and confident, and is of such good quality that I can wear them everyday. It`s great to know that no matter what item I pull from my closet, it will out stand the activities of the day and will fit me perfectly.

    This boosts my confidence, makes me feel comfortable and wonderful, and makes a great difference to my day.
  • Tavi Top in Burgundy
    Gry's Rating: 

  • Gry's Rating: 
  • Margherita Wrap Dress in Turquoise
    Gry's Rating: 
  • Belmont Skirt in Ebony Damask
    Gry's Rating: 
4 reasons to love igigi
4 reasons to love igigi
  • Made in San Francisco, CA
  • Designed Specifically for Plus Size
  • Perfect Fit
  • Best Dresses in the Industry
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