Browser Support

The IGIGI website supports the following web browsers. If you are experiencing problems adding items to your shopping bag, please click the "Download Site" link for your browser of choice to get the latest version.

Internet Explorer7+10+Download Site
Mozilla FireFox2+3+Download Site
AOL1.2+1.5+Download Site
Safari3+4+Download Site
NetscapeNot supportedNot supported 

Javascript & Cookies

JavaScript and cookies must be enabled to use the IGIGI website. These are enabled by default, and in most cases you should not need to make any changes to your browser settings.

To make sure cookies are enabled, select Tools -> Internet Options
Set Privacy Setting to "Medium High"
On the "Security" tab, select the "Internet" icon, set the slider to "Medium" and click "OK"

Pop-Up Blockers

The IGIGI website uses pop-up windows for certain pages on the site. If your browser is set to block pop up windows, you may have trouble viewing these pages. Generally, if this is the case, you will get a message at the top of your browser "Pop-up blocked" when trying to view a pop-up page. You can then add the IGIGI site to your list of unblocked sites.

Select Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy, click Pop-Up Blocker Settings button
Add to allowed sites