We at IGIGI would like to introduce you to our line called the Limited Collection (LC). This exclusive line is dedicated to providing our customers with one-time only designs that are fresh, new, trendy, and reflect what is currently being featured on high-fashion runways and in high-fashion magazines.
With the Limited Collection, you can feel great about purchasing one-time only designs that are unique to you and your lifestyle. It offers quality along with trendy “must-haves” like vivacious colors, fun details, and seasonal styles that you can truly feel excited about.
Limited Collection allows us to deliver a wider and better selection of designer focused styles to you but because of the exclusivity and trend driven aspect of the collection each design will have a limited amount of pieces produced. You will have the opportunity to obtain the hottest styles with the confidenc that your piece is unique.
When a garment is marked LC, you will know that the design is designer focused, unique, exclusive, and produced in the US.  LC is "Trendy, Timely, Today."
We hope that our Limited Collection line will make you feel special and allow you to shop with ease so you can spend less time searching for clothes that fit your lifestyle and more time living your life and looking fabulous while doing so.

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