The Best Fit

IGIGI designs dresses for real women of all shapes and sizes. We employ innovative techniques that create a great fit for the individual shape leading to a visually appeasing appearance. We provide the tools through the ShapeStylist section to educate our customers about their individual body shape and tricks of the trade to dress it for the ultimate flattery. We recommend shopping by your shape to achieve the best fit.

The Latest Styles

IGIGI strives to provide women of curves with smart, stylish and sophisticated collections that accentuate and celebrate their bodies. Our collections reflect the latest trends in fashion.

The Highest Quality

IGIGI strives to provide clothing with the highest quality fabrics and workmanship. From design to fabric to fit, we stand firmly behind the excellence of our collections. Each garment bears our commitment to those standards and your satisfaction.

Constantly New Releases

We are very proud to have implemented the concept of fast-fashion where we have optimized our development and production processes to produce most of our products from the moment of conception to be available for sale in less than one month.

Limited Quantities

IGIGI introduces most of its styles in very limited quantities to keep the collections exclusive. Thus, each style is unique and individual. Once it is sold out, it will not be brought back exactly as it is. 

Made in USA

IGIGI proudly designs all of our products in San Francisco, California. All our sewing manufacturers are within 10 miles of our office in the heart of San Francisco.