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Plus Size Fashion Blogger – Authentically Emmie

Posted by on August 22, 2014

Plus Size Fashion Blogger Emmie

Plus size fashion blogger Emmie opens up about her start as blogger, her fashion must-haves items and what advice she has for other fashionistas alike. Plus, check out what she has to stay about the Urban Jungle collection and her favorite dress.

How did Authentically Emmie come about?

Authentically Emmie started out as “Skinny Emmie” 5 years ago, and it was strictly a weight loss blog. Over time, I started focusing less on the weight and more on just overall health and positivity. I noticed that when I posted an outfit, I’d get questions about the items, so that started more of the fashion blogging. I find fashion a really huge source of confidence, so I have been regularly blogging about it the past couple of years.

How do you see the plus-size fashion landscape?

The current landscape is leaps and bounds better than it was even 5 years ago when I started blogging. We have many more brands that have entered the landscape, and new media is starting to include plus size fashion as a part of regular content. I’m also glad to see more line extensions into plus by straight size designers. The ultimate for me would be to see inclusivity of all sizes in fashion and not have plus be such a rarity.

What are three fashion must-haves?

1. A wrap dress: It can be worn for nearly any occasion and never fails to look good.

2. A basic set of jewelry: A pair of basic earrings, a simple necklace, and a bracelet can add extra polish to any outfit.

3. A belt: A belt can fix shapeless garments and break up prints if you’re wary of them. Before returning anything that doesn’t look quite right on me, I always ask, “can I belt it?” It’s always worth a shot.

What is your favorite item from the Urban Jungle collection?

My ultimate favorite is the Elissa Maxi Dress in Mocha Leopard. I love leopard print, and this bold maxi could be worn alone, with a blazer or cardigan, or with a top over it – using the bottom as a skirt. I recently had a chance to review this beauty. When I first put it on, I wasn’t quite sure. It was comfortable – there’s stretch, it’s lightweight, and has a generous cut – but I hadn’t ever been in head-to-toe animal print. Inspired by fall, I added some new boots, some red lipstick, and layered with a faux leather jacket. Then I saw these photos – this is hands down one of my favorite outfits of late! With or without the jacket, this dress just makes me feel damn good.

Plus Size Fashion Blogger Emmie

If you could spend an entire day with a designer, whom would you choose?

She’s not quite a designer YET, but since she’s rumored to be working on her own line: Melissa McCarthy. She has broken barriers in the entertainment industry with writing, producing and acting and I think it would be amazing to see how she manages it all and what her process looks like with starting up a new line.

What style advice do you have for plus-size ladies?

Try lots of different styles, cuts, prints, and colors on your body – you’ll often be surprised at how great some things will look. Also, don’t worry about the sizes on the label. I have items in sizes 20-30 in my closet that actually fit my body right now. You can’t let a label affect how you feel about yourself.


Authentically Emmie



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